​This Fearless Instagram Model Survived a Shark Attack​

It may seem like German Instagram blogger Mareen is living the good life. Her Miss Everywhere account is a collection of leisurely photos extolling the virtues of sun and surf. (Want to find some more red-hot Instagram posts? Check out these 50 female workout warriors.) However, that combination, as she recently revealed, also includes sharks—specifically, shark bites.

Mareen, who also keeps up a blog on her website Miss Everywhere, recently described an encounter she had with a shark swimming around a tiny island in the Bahamas.
https://www.instagram.com/p/BUcBJ7_BEt3/embed/captioned/?cr=1&v=7#%7B%22ci%22%3A0%2C%22os%22%3A4660.400000000001%7D“My highlight on that day, besides the pigs, was swimming with sharks in Compass Cay, which was very fun until one got a little hungry and decided to bite me,” she wrote. “I cannot tell you the second of shock I felt when I saw this shark opening his mouth and grabbing my hand.”Whoa! And here we thought that posing in a bikini all day was as easy as it got. But when was the last time you had to fend off a wild ocean predator during your 9-to-5? According to Mareen, the experience was just as terrifying as you’d think.

“People always tell you when a shark attacks you you should stay calm,” she said. “Let me tell you, in reality, when it happens, there is nothing like staying calm. You completely freak out.”

That’s certainly not surprising to read. Thankfully, though, she survived the attack and sustained just a scar on her hand. The souvenir is something she’s able to look at with affection, too.

“My hand is okay again, and has a scar now in shark teeth shape that will forever remind me of that beautiful day in the Exumas,” she says. “It’s an amazing experience to swim with them and quite an adrenaline boost.”

No doubt about that. Going forward, maybe she’ll just stick with the pigs and let the sharks be.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BUXRn6ih0-4/embed/?cr=1&v=7#%7B%22ci%22%3A1%2C%22os%22%3A4663.96%7DIf you’re looking for some more inspirational Instagram moments, though, then here are the 30 best accounts you need to follow.

Source: ​This Fearless Instagram Model Survived a Shark Attack​

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