​Tequila Will Give You The Worst Hangovers, According To Survey

The worst hangover you’ve ever had is like the first time you have sex: you never forget it. Thanks to a new survey, we’ve identified the culprit behind the worst hangovers ever: tequila.

Recently, the folks at Addictions.com polled 2,148 Americans to ask which type of booze gave them the worst hangovers, and the majority (22.9%) pointed to tequila. Vodka was a close second, with 21% attributing their worst hangovers to the drink.

The survey, titled Bad and Boozy (a pun on the Migos hit “Bad and Boujee,” because puns are apparently the most effective way to get millennials to stop binge-drinking) is basically a ranking of types of different alcohol, based on how messed-up they make you; it kinda reads like a receipt you would find stuffed in the bottom of your pocket after a blackout. The survey also asked respondents about the worst things they ever did while drinking (apparently, 35 percent of people who got naked in public did so after drinking vodka), as well as how much money they spent while boozing (Floridians came out on top, apparently spending about $279 on bar tabs.)

The goal of the survey was to highlight the negative consequences of heavy drinking on both your wallet and your health — and there’s a lot of evidence to support the latter. We now know that drinking eight or more beers a week could ruin your memory in the long run, and even though drinking a little bit of booze every day won’t necessarily turn you into an alcoholic, if you find that you’re irritable and moody when you skip your nightly glass of wine (or two, or four), chances are you should be more mindful of your drinking habits.

So while it might occasionally be fun to rank liquors or share our blackout horror stories, we shouldn’t blame our worst hangovers on tequila or vodka or beer. At the end of the day, hangovers are a result of drinking too much, regardless of what type of alcohol we’re consuming — and no amount of barstool wisdom or Advil can circumvent the suffering.

Source: ​Tequila Will Give You The Worst Hangovers, According To Survey

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