​14 Bald Men Gifts to Give This Year

You’d think being bald would mean that a guy has less to worry about: No hair care, no problem. But that’s far from the reality: He’s got an extra body part to shave—with an increased degree of difficulty, considering those angles—and his skin is exposed to the sun and dry air like no hirsute guy would know.

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He needs an entire arsenal of products to make life easier: Balms to nourish the skin, SPF to protect from the sun, specially engineered razors and electronic shavers—or even old-school blades—to simplify the shave. He’s more susceptible to shaving bumps, nicks and cuts, dandruff, clogged pores, and more. See what we’re getting at? Less hair can mean more problems.

But, when it comes to gifts, that makes your job easier. That’s because you’re certain to give him something he’ll use often. Here are 15 products we know your dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, or any guy you’re buying for will love. They round the bases, from shaving to exfoliating and more. Whether you stuff it in his stocking or wrap it in bows, the result will be the same: Gratitude on the spot, and every day thereafter.

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

HeadBlade ATX Sport Razor with Triple Blade Technology for Men

HeadBlade ATX is a brand that bald men should bookmark. Its hand-wielded Sport Razor is an obvious razor choice, too, given the difficulties men face with standard razors and awkward angles. The rubber handle gives him a steady grip, and the rear wheels round his cranium like the Mars rover, leaving no terrain unattended. (And doing it gently.)

$22.32, Buy It Here

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

TurnRaise 5-Headed Flex Design Bald Head Shaver

Maybe blades aren’t his thing, and that’s fair. If he’d rather get a shave that doesn’t break the surface of the skin—and thus minimizes all the agony and labor associated with shaving—get him a flexible electric shaver. This one from TurnRaise has all the flexibility he’ll need to round every curve, and will trim the hairs close enough to the skin that nobody will notice. He’ll have to shave more often than a guy using a razor, but he’ll save time by eliminating the skincare regimen that precedes and follows.

$69.99, Buy It Here

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

SoftSheen Carson Magic Regular Razorless Cream

SoftSheen Carson has targeted this “razorless cream” at men who suffer from razor bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs. It’s a gentle depilatory cream. It works by dissolving the proteins at the base of the hair, so that the follicle remains but the entire hair falls away. He’ll want to test this on a small patch of his head first, following the instructions so that he doesn’t leave the cream on too long at risk of irritating the skin, or not long enough which would leave the hair in place.

$23.30, Buy It Here

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

Bee Bald Post-Shave Healing Balm

You’ll see balms more than once in this roundup. That’s because they’re more concentrated with nourishing ingredients than a standard moisturizer, and denser too (making them a better line of defense for a freshly shorn scalp). Bee Bald has a great lineup of shave products for bald guys, but this balm is the cream of the crop. It will help his skin rebound safely and quickly from the blade, and keep his skin hydrated in the colder months.

$5.59, Buy It Here

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

Daggett and Ramsdell Bald Head Shaving Lotion

Daggett and Ramsdell’s shave lotion is engineered for sensitive skin, which is just about every scalp in the world. It will help prevent razor burn, ingrowns, and bumps. It’s almost gel-like, too, so he can easily track his progress while shaving, without leaving fluffy, creamy residue in the blade’s wake. This affordable six-pack will keep him stocked for a while.

$18.99, Buy It Here

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

Yes To Naturals Tea Tree & Sage Oil Scalp Relief Shampoo

Bald men need shampoo, too. Specifically, they need scalp-soothing, skin-fortifying shampoo. Yes To’s will heal any bout of itching, flaking, or dryness within a week, and its oils will nourish the skin to prevent over-drying (which is a risk with most shampoos). Since he doesn’t have any hair to lather the shampoo, just tell him to wet his scalp, apply the shampoo like a shave cream, let it set for 30 seconds, and then flush it away.

$7.59, Buy It Here

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

The Art of Shaving Styptic Pen

Given all those weird shaving angles, and the sensitivity of the scalp, he’s likelier than ever to endure a few nicks here and there. Save him the embarrassment of applying tiny pieces of toilet paper to his head, and get him this styptic pen instead. It tightens the pores and stops cuts instantly. It also naturally disinfects the wound, saving him another crucial step. He can rinse the stick when done, let it dry, and pack it away for later use.

$12, Buy It Here

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Petroleum Jelly

The small cuts might close up, but it’s still important for him to tend to them. One of the easiest ways to ensure quick, effective healing is with a lip balm. Obviously, avoid the red cherry-flavored ones; there’s no need to put fragrance or tinted lotion on his scalp. Instead, this dense balm from mainstay Vaseline is the spot treatment he needs and will appreciate. And he can use it on his lips and cuticles too, of course.

$6.92, pack of 3, Buy It Here

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

Neutrogena Men Triple Protect Face Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 20

For the days when he’s outside, sans hat, he needs extra SPF protection, and Neutrogena is ol’ reliable in this department. His head gets direct sun, unavoidably, and it packs a lot of hurt to have a burnt, peeling scalp. (He’ll be unable to shave for the following week, too, not to mention all the unsightly peeling.) Usually, if something is sensitive enough for the face, it’s also good for the scalp, so give him a facial moisturizer that is loaded with broad-spectrum SPF. It’ll shield him from the sun, nourish his skin, protect it from environmental wear, and minimize signs of aging like wrinkles and dark spots—which affect the scalp as much as they do the face.

$10.81, Buy It Here

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

Kyoku for Men Exfoliating Face Scrub

It’s important for him to exfoliate his scalp, just as he would his face. Give the guy this gentle scrub from Kyoku to incorporate into his shower regimen twice a week (after washing). Scalp exfoliation will make shaving safer by eliminating dead skin cells that would otherwise drag along with the razor. Plus, it’ll prevent dandruff by getting rid of the same flakes that might otherwise wind up on his shoulders.

$19.99, Buy It Here

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm

Maybe he hasn’t just shaved, but let’s say it’s the middle of winter and he’s going out to shovel. He’ll wear a hat, so he doesn’t need SPF atop his head, but he’s still at the mercy of the cold, dry air. Ursa Major’s natural oil- and aloe-packed balm will shield and hydrate the skin, and will be his go-to all winter until he needs some SPF for the sun.

$36, Buy It Here

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Safety Razor

If he wants to use a “regular” razor on his head, then he should consider one that’s less regular than most: the safety razor, like this one from Merkur. He’ll get a closer shave with a single blade—the barbershop kind of closeness—and there’s no excess debris or gunk trapped between blades that will drag atop his skin. The safety razor has a protective “hood” that will glide along his skin, ensuring he doesn’t go bananas with the otherwise intimidating blade.

$28.78, Buy It Here

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

The other thing about safety razors is that each blade is single use. (They’re often double sided, like the blades and razor here, but should still only be used within the same shaving session.) That means he’ll need a pack of blades to cycle through, and Astra’s compatible with Merkur’s razor.

$9.62, 100-count, Buy It Here

best gifts for bald men
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel

Maybe he suffers from a little shine. You can help him minimize any excess oil while retaining his skin’s moisture: Just get him a witch hazel (read, alcohol-free) toner. It soothes the skin while balancing his oil production. Thayer’s is the longstanding favorite in this field, and its toner is safe for the whole body. Nevertheless, just have him test it on a patch of his scalp, wait an hour or so, and proceed comfortably if he shows no signs of irritation. (He will likely be just fine.)

$16.68, 2-pack, Buy It Here

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