​5 Tips From Zoosk That Will Help You Finally Land That Online Date

We’ve all been there—landing an online date can be hard. You’ve carefully chosen your photos and spent time making sure your bio strikes the perfect balance of sincere and funny, so why is there radio silence from everyone you’ve swiped right on?

Luckily, online dating site Zoosk gathered some tips to help you out. They analyzed data from more than 40 million of their members to see what’s been working—and what hasn’t—so you can go into the new year stronger than ever.

Here are five things to keep in mind when it comes to being a successful online dater.

How to Write an Online Dating Bio
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What you put in your bio matters.

Zoosk found that guys who included words like “thoughtful,” “listener,” or “giving”—among others—in their bios were 66 percent more likely to get messages than guys who didn’t. What’s more is that guys who say they’re a “knight in shining armor” get an average of 67 percent more messages.

Mentioning food in your bio will also ramp up the amount of messages you get, especially if it’s guacamole, which could result in up to 144 percent more notes. But don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the dip—mentioning foods like potatoes and chocolate leads to 101 percent and 100 percent messaging increases respectively.

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Dating: Don't Be Narrow Minded
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Don’t be so narrow-minded.

If you’ve been filtering people based on characteristics or interests, it might be time to stop. People who severely narrow their choices typically send out more messages than those who don’t, but they’re less likely to get a reply back—11 percent less likely to be specific. So ditch that mental checklist of must-have traits and just see where things go. You might be surprised.

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Dating Outside Your Age Range
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Date outside your age range.

Don’t be shy about talking to someone who isn’t the same age as you. According to Zoosk, people were 9 percent more likely to be into someone ten years older or ten years younger than them.

Lunch Date
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Suggest a lunch date.

Dinner and drinks is a thing of the past. Zoosk found that people who mentioned lunch in a conversation got about 25 percent more responses than those who didn’t. So go ahead and make a reservation for that cool little spot that just opened up down the street. She’ll appreciate it.

Responding to Date Requests
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Don’t wait too long to respond to someone.

Yeah, yeah, we know how it goes: You don’t want to seem too desperate, so you wait two days to respond to the girl you’re super into. But playing it too cool might not actually be the best approach. Your best bet is to respond within the day, according to Zoosk. This results in a 62 percent response rate as opposed to a 45 percent response rate (if you wait longer). So what are you waiting for? Respond already!

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