I Cooked and Ate 3 Meals a Day for 3 Days as Part of the #Cook90 Challenge

During the month of January, my buddies over at Epicurious are participating in #Cook90, during which editor David Tamarkin and a gaggle of brave home cooks have vowed to cook three meals a day for 31 days (with three cheat meals, otherwise it would be an awkward and social media unfriendly #Cook93).David asked if I would participate in some, any, or all of #Cook90. Upon first encounter, I enthusiastically thought, of course, YES, I’LL DO IT! How hard could it be? I mean, I am a professional cook, surely I could come up with three home-cooked meals a day for one month.But then I looked at the calendar. We had plans to dine out twice the first week of January, a work event the following Monday, a work trip to Chicago mid-month, and my mom’s 70th birthday on the 31st. Add to that my new reliance on our very well-stocked cafeteria for morning oatmeal, and there was no possible way I could pull off cooking all of my meals this month.What I semi-shamefully settled for was a very achievable #Cook9, just three days of three meals each.I know, some of you are reading this and rolling your eyes, thinking, I cook and eat three meals a day almost every day of the year! I’ve got kids to feed, lunches to pack, wallets to watch, etc. Me too (except the kids part). But somewhere along the line I got lazy: I stopped packing my lunch, I waited to eat breakfast until I got to the office, and I kept my social dates and work obligations churning. Even when I didn’t want to.And while I thought three days of home-cooked meals would be a cinch, it really wasn’t. Here are a few lessons I learned in just 72 hours about the way I cook and eat.

Source: I Cooked and Ate 3 Meals a Day for 3 Days as Part of the #Cook90 Challenge

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