The 5 Worst Things to Do Before a Run

Warmup Mistake #1: Static stretchingMost of us learned how to warm up many years ago in elementary or middle school PE classes. Much of that is now out-of-date. Today, recent research indicates that static stretching is not the best for a runner. In fact, one recent study found that static stretching before a run leads to slower starts and a greater perceived effort. Other studies show that even the simple sit-and-reach stretch can decrease your ability to stride naturally.

Instead, a dynamic warmup appears to prepare your muscles more effectively.Static stretching for 30 to 60 seconds lengthens the muscle, but in doing so it also appears to affect the signals between the muscle and the brain, triggering a protective reflex that prevents the muscle from being overstretched. Therefore, muscles become inhibited and are not able to contract as forcefully. This reflex decreases the strength and power of the muscle for a short time afterward.

A dynamic warmup refers to moving your muscles through a wide range of motion that simulates the running movement. Think of it as lubricating your joints before a run. Start with these 5 warmup moves that can be done before every run.

Source: The 5 Worst Things to Do Before a Run

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