Trusted Organic Baby Foods Your Child Will Love

Eating organic is a huge, growing trend.

I try to eat as much organic food as possible. We even grow our own little organic veggie garden in the summer, so we have awesome, delicious and safe veggies all summer. Nothing quite beats eating your own tomatoes!

If you’re going to feed your child baby food, I strongly recommend going for the organic brands. There is some really nasty stuff to be found in non-organic foods: pesticide residues, fertilizers, growth hormones and antibiotics.

On top of that, jarred baby food is often chock-full of preservatives. Organic baby food, on the other hand, is usually doesn’t have preservatives at all!Also, anything labelled “100% organic” must, by both American & Canadian law, contain absolutely no genetically-modified ingredients.

It’s easy to see why going with organic food is a good choice. This nasty stuff is bad enough for us adults, let alone for our more-susceptible children! Let’s get something out of the way, though: organic vegetables & fruits aren’t necessarily more nutritious than their non-organic counterparts. That’s not the reason to go organic. Eating organic is simply to avoid those toxic chemicals and genetically-modified ingredients. A lot of people also swear that organic fruits & veggies are more tasty than non-organic, which is pretty awesome when trying to get your child to open up to solids!

Environmental Impact: Also a Concern

If you aren’t convinced to use organic baby food yet, this might convince you: every year, millions of tons of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides are dumped into our soil, air and water. Choosing to support organic produce is doing your part to reduce the amount of chemicals we’re putting into our environment. It’s easy to forget about all of this, but you have to remember how closely-linked we are to our environment.

Source: Trusted Organic Baby Foods Your Child Will Love

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