The Ultimate Warmup Routine

You make or break your workout before it starts.

Before you grab that barbell and before you pile on the plates, you need to warm up your body to perform your best every time. But is your warmup helping you reach your full potential? Better still, is it “bulletproofing” your body to resist aches and injuries?“The biggest mistake is to gloss over the warmup,” says Tony Gentilcore, CSCS, co-founder of Cressey Performance in Hudson, Massachusetts. “That does nothing to increase body temperature, increase neural activation, warm up the joints, or get the nerves ready to go.”Instead, a great warmup helps you perform better in the weight room. “It’s not uncommon to see immediate improvements in the deadlift or squat,” says Gentilcore. “There’s a strong performance incentive to do a good warmup, not to mention stacking the odds in your favor that you won’t get injured.”Avoid the pitfalls of poor warmups and take a few minutes before every workout to prepare yourself, build more strength, and prevent injuries. You’ll be glad you did.

The Keys to a Good Warmup

A great warmup readies your body and nervous system for a hard workout, eliminates your weak links, and improves your movement quality. The result? More muscle; less injuries.

At Cressey Performance, athletes lift heavy weights and pile on strength. But during the first few minutes of every session, the coaches orchestrate a careful collection of activation drills, dynamic stretches, and movement preparation designed for optimal performance.

This gets the blood flowing, clears waste from your muscles, brings fluids to your joints, and opens your body — often, athletes who feel drained beforehand find relief with a good warmup. Research also shows that warming up with dynamic stretches, which actively move your joints through a full range of motion, enhances muscular performance.

Also, think of the warmup like getting your car aligned — the right blend of drills will improve your posture, set your muscles and joints in the right position, and keep you safe. “Don’t stop with just getting your heart rate up,” says Gentilcore. “Correct things like posture or imbalances and address what you want to improve in the weight room.”

Source: The Ultimate Warmup Routine

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