TIPS tested Baby Oils – Market Leaders Reviewed

TIPS tested Baby Oils – Market Leaders Reviewed

Weleda Baby Calendula Baby Oil (fragrance free)

Supplied and manufactured by 

Weleda Calendula Baby Oil is the latest addition to the Weleda Calendula Baby family. Believed to be the first certified-organic and fragrance-free baby oil on the market in the UK, this oil looks set to become a firm favourite with midwives and baby massage experts who do not like to recommend baby oils containing essential oils. The new oil is ideal for baby skincare to protect, moisturise, nourish, and even cleanse sore skin in the nappy area when baby wipes might sting. Like the full Weleda baby range, it is free from mineral oils and artificial additives of any kind, including preservatives or parabens. Ideal for baby massage, this oil can also be used to treat dry, flaky scalp and cradle cap.

With only two ingredients, Weleda Baby Calendula Baby Oil is ultra mild. It has been dermatologically-tested on healthy skin, and on sensitised tape-stripped skin, and on easily-irritated skin prone to eczema and dermatitis.
Our Parent Testers liked the clever non-drip lid, adding that care should be taken when squeezing the bottle to avoid an extra squirt of oil. Parent Testers agreed this delicate oil was ideal for baby massage, loved its natural formulation and found it left their baby’s skin feeling soft and silky.
This is why we are delighted to award Weleda Baby Calendula Baby Oil a TIPS Best unscented.

This is what some of the Testers said:

  • From the 1st use it cleared up his dry skin
  • The texture is perfect, the freshness, the absorption, everything is really good
  • I liked the flip lid, shape of bottle was nice to hold and it stood up well when not in use
  • We didn’t use an oil before this one but as my son has sensitive skin, I am very happy with how his skin is looking and feeling now so I will continue to use it.
  • We have all benefited from using it. My husband had particularly nasty dry hands from his job as a bricklayer and his hands are much better from his turns to massaginge our son after bath time. Our son absolutely loves being massaged now and so we will continue to use it until we need to buy a new bottle and will definitely purchase this one in the future.

Award:  Best unscented

Organic Babies no scent baby oil

Supplied and manufactured by

With 8 TIPS Awards under their belt, the Organic Babies range is already a firm favourite with our Parent Testers. As well as this baby oil, Organic Babies have scent free baby lotion, mum &baby rescue balm and wash & shampoo. Ideal for all skin types and suitable for vegans, Organic Babies no scent baby oil is perfect for all babies, big and small!Parent Testers were unanimous in their praise for this high quality organic oil. They liked the fact it was easy to dispense, absorbed quickly into the skin and left no greasy residue. It was also a perfect remedy for cradle cap. It is rare for us to give a product more than one award but Organic babies no scent baby oil scored so highly that we have decided to award it with Best Organic and Editor’s choice. This is what some of the Testers said:

  • It is brilliant and even my partner said ‘this oil is a good one’ unprompted, which is unheard of!
  • I trust the brand to be kinder to my daughter’s skin
  • No greasy residue or wastage and a definite improvement in skin softness and cradle cap

Award:  Best organic and Editor’s choice

Nom Nom Organic Baby Oil with Starflower (for massage and cradle cap)

Supplied and manufactured by

Jayne Russell, a massage and nutritional therapist with twenty years’ experience and a passion for working with pregnancy, mums and babies launched Nom Nom in December 2013. Having made skin care products for herself and for her clients, Jayne Russell used her research, training and the feedback from hundreds of mums and mums-to-be to develop this new range. Jayne knew mums wanted kind but effective skincare products for themselves and for their babies. She went on to develop gentle and effective formulations that are a pleasure to use, while avoiding ingredients to which pregnant women and babies may be sensitive. She was also aware that while natural and organic credentials are important for consumers, they can also be quite confusing. This is why she sought and obtained organic certification and backed this up with clear information on-pack and online. The Nom Nom range includes three baby products and three pregnancy products, both available as a gift set. Each product is certified organic by the Soil Association, and five products also have additional COSMOS* certification.

Jayne’s hard work has obviously paid off because our Parent Testers absolutely loved the two products we tested: the Nom Nom Organic Baby Butter Calendula and Evening Primrose Oil (see baby oil category) and Nom Nom Organic Baby Oil with Starflower. They especially enjoyed the delicate scent, as well as the pump action dispenser – this made applying the product quick and mess-free. The oil absorbed easily, left skin soft and was also great to use in the bath. Nom Nom Organic Baby Oil with Starflower is for baby massage and cradle cap, but our Parent Testers used the oil in other ways. They told us how well this oil helped to reduce dry skin patches associated with eczema and psoriasis – this is encouraging indeed. In fact this lovely bottle of oil was so popular that we are decided to award it not one but two TIPS Awards: Must-have and Editor’s choice.

This is what some of the Testers said:

  • It was very easy to dispense and I really like the pump!
  • I tried it on my 5 year old – it made his skin lovely and soft (he is prone to dry skin and the odd patch of eczema), although he felt it smelled a bit ‘like a girl’!
  • We don’t use oil on my son as it’s either too oily, or not agreeable to his sensitive skin. I LOVED this! I put it on after every bath, and it was so gentle on his psoriasis
  • I loved the smell, feel and the fact it wasn’t greasy.

Award:  Must-have and Editor’s choice

*COSMOS is a new harmonisation of European standards developed by the leading certification bodies BDIH (Germany), COSMEBIO & ECOCERT (France), ICEA (Italy) and SOIL ASSOCIATION (UK). Together they have founded the COSMOS standard to define common requirements and definitions for organic and/or natural cosmetics

Weleda Baby Tummy Oil

Supplied and manufactured by

Now available in Boots!

Weleda’s ethical and environmentally-friendly credentials are second to none. The information provided with Weleda Baby Tummy Oil is excellent, especially the sensible advice to avoid using the oil on newborn skin.

The new Weleda Maternity range includes two TIPS Award-winning product: Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil (we tested this as a belly balm) and Weleda Nursing Oil for breastfeeding mothers (we tested this as a breast treatment). You can read the reviews for both products in the TIPS Awards section of our website.

Weleda Baby Tummy Oil was a favourite with our Parent Testers. They especially loved the subtle scent and the fact that it is suitable for all skin types – even sensitive skin. This gentle formula of organic almond oil, essential oils of marjoram, Roman chamomile and cardamom is used traditionally to stimulate digestion, ease trapped wind and calm fractious babies. The product is free from mineral oils, synthetic colour, fragrance, artificial additives of any kind, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Parent Testers were unanimous in their praise for this delicate oil which was easy to apply and highly effective when used for baby massage.

This is why we are delighted to award Weleda Baby Tummy Oil a TIPS Must-have.

This is what some of the Testers said:

  • The bottle is easy to hold and didn’t get slippery even after multiple uses.
  • It has a lovely scent and glides very smoothly on my baby’s tummy.
  • My baby is prone to having dry skin but this product did not cause any problems to her skin at all.
  • I found it to be very effective on my little girl. She is teething at the moment and had become a bit constipated. I found this product helped her immensely.

Award:  Must-have

Organic Monkey Hello Mellow organic massage oil

Supplied and manufactured by

Organic Monkey is the UK’s first Fairtrade and Soil Association certified baby skincare range. This company is the brainchild of two mums who wanted to provide truly organic products suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Parent Testers were impressed with the company’s excellent eco-credentials which include: carefully sourcing Fairtrade ingredients, using recyclable packaging, choosing water-based inks, and using compostable labels. The company also supports two key charities: Sparks (who fund research into serious conditions affecting the health of babies, children and mums-to-be) and Monkey World (who assist governments around the world to stop the smuggling of primates from the wild).

Testers enjoyed Hello Mellow organic massage oil’s orange scent, saying this was refreshingly different. They loved the oil’s ‘velvety’ texture: it absorbed easily, was non-greasy and more importantly the oil was effective at soothing dry skin. Overall this oil scored highly against all testing criteria  and with such praise from Testers we are delighted to award this new product a TIPS Must-have.

This is what some of the Testers said:

  • The orange scent was especially interesting giving it [the oil] a warm sunny lift.
  • It chilled my son out quickly and he enjoyed his nightly massage.
  • Even my older daughter, who is 4, got massages using this oil and she loved it too!

Award:  Must-have

Mumma Love Organics – Baby Massage Oil

Supplied and manufactured by

Samantha Quinn is the founder of Mumma Love Organics. Over the last ten years Samantha has enthusiastically studied and practised baby aromatherapy, massage and natural settling. Her own experiences caring for her premature daughter Ella inspired Samantha inspired Samantha to train in natural baby care. Baby massage was vital in Ella’s early life. Like Samantha, many parents understand the importance of this popular therapy. Baby massage promotes skin-to-skin contact which is known to stabilise a baby’s heart rate, respiration and temperature, boosting the immune system. Initially Samantha developed massage routines and organic baby products to help Ella. Her three core principles were: Comfort, Settle and Sleep. The British made Mumma Love Organics range can now be enjoyed by all babies. Parents and care givers can also view seven informative baby massage videos on the Mumma Love Organics website:
Our Parent Testers were impressed with the quality of the information provided online and on pack. They also agreed this delicate oil was ideal for baby massage, loved its simple (only three ingredients) natural formulation and found it left their baby’s skin feeling soft and silky.
This is why we are delighted to award Mumma Love Organics Baby Massage Oil a TIPS Must-have.

This is what some of the Testers said:

  • It was thick enough to not slip between your fingers, but thin enough in consistency to apply easily
  • My favourite feature was the calming effect it had on my baby during massage
  • I like the fact that it contained no added ingredients, so I felt it was safe
  • It leaves skin beautifully soft
Award: Must have

MamaBabyBliss Hugs Natural unscented massage oil

Supplied and manufactured by

Hugs natural baby oil contains sunflower oil, peach kernel oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and chamomile. Testers loved the fragrance and feel of this product. This oil absorbs easily, making it ideal for baby massage. Testers also commented on the ‘stylish’ use of recyclable glass and on the handy stopper which helped to dispense the oil with the minimum of wastage. Some Testers felt this product was a bit expensive, but a little does go a long way. Mamababybliss was also congratulated on their responsible advice about product use in the first month of life.

This is what some of the Testers said:

  • This oil left my baby’s skin glowing and soft to the touch
  • The scent was subtle which is ideal
  • I have already recommended it to my sister-in-law who is using it on my niece.

Award:  Best eco-friendly

beginning cocooning massage oil

Supplied and manufactured by

This oil is part of a new range of mother and baby skincare products from the Maclaren brand. Maclaren have worked with an expert in aromatherapy to develop products using organic-based formulations with added essential oils. This oil contains sunflower, olive, lavender, mandarin and geranium oils. One Tester described its scent as ‘absolutely gorgeous’. Some testers felt the oil was a bit expensive. Others suggested adding a dropper dispenser to avoid wastage -this would make using this oil more cost-effective.
Most Testers had not heard about this range of baby skincare products. They were pleasantly surprised by the high quality ingredients and the stylish design of the range.

This is what some of the Testers said:

  • I am not usually swayed by packaging but this was the prettiest packaging on a baby skin care product I have seen.
  • The consistency was lovely – oily but soaks in nicely and leaves the skin feeling soft
  • I have also used some oil on my bump and I really like it

Award:  Best Organic

Shea Mooti Baby’s Rub-a-Bye Body & Scalp oil

Supplied and manufactured by

The name “Shea Mooti” came about because Violet used ethically-sourced Shea Butter from AfriKids’ Daughters, a multi-cooperative in northern Ghana, to create her initial range of products. ‘Mooti’ comes from ‘Muti’ meaning ‘tree’ in Shona – the language of Violet’s native Zimbabwe.

Shea Mooti Baby’s Rub-a-Bye Body & Scalp oil is the latest addition to the range of quality products by Shea Mooti. It contains melon, borage and olive seed oils with added amaranth seed oil and vitamin E. This formulation provides an anti-inflammatory blend of unscented seed oils that is ideal for even the most sensitive or dry skin types.

This oil is another clever multi-function product which can be used as a belly balm, for baby massage and also to help treat cradle cap. Our Parent Testers enjoyed using his versatile oil. Although most commented that it is more expensive than their usual product, they agreed it was still cost-effective as a little oil went a long way.

In fact we were so impressed with this product we decided to award it an Editor’s choice Award!
This is what some of the Testers said:

  • I loved the packaging, the simple design that is suitable for babies and not too childish that mums to be could use.
  • I didn’t have to rub hard to loosen the flakes after applying the oil. I had used a well known brand of baby oil previously but the results were poor compared to this
  • Absorbs into skin well, small amount goes a long way and effective on babies cradle cap.

Award: Editor’s choice

Earth Friendly Baby Natural unscented massage oil

Supplied and manufactured by

A blend of sunflower oil, sesame oil, shea and Vitamin E this natural massage oil was well liked by all Testers. They suggested  a simple dispenser would help to avoid spillage and make the oil easier to apply. The size of the glass bottle was ideal for parents on the move and Testers were impressed that the packaging was recyclable.
This is the cheapest oil we tested, and Testers agreed this brand is great value for money.

This is what some of the Testers said:

  • Baby orientated design which appeals to my little one when I use it
  • Very friendly text which is casually written with a bit of humour – I really liked the website
  • I will recommend this to  my sister who is expecting so she can do baby massage

Award:  Highly commended

Baby Boo Massage oil for babies

Supplied and manufactured by
Tested October – December 2009

Baby Boo is the new baby on the block. It offers a range of affordable products containing Soil Association accredited organic ingredients. The range originally included a baby bodywash, shampoo and foaming cleanser, more recently Baby Boo launched a bottom balm, a baby lotion and massage oil. Samples for testing were in plain bottles so Testers could not comment on how easy the product would be to dispense. Testers received copies of the new labels. They agreed this new design was more ‘classic’ than the child-friendly graphics of the Baby Boo bath time products.

Based on sunflower oil, this product also contains rosehip, plum, blueberry, geranium and lavender. These ingredients give the oil a subtle but enjoyable scent. Overall Testers were impressed with the quality of the ingredients and the feel of the oil on baby skin.

This is what some of the Testers said:

  • After reading about the company I think their ethics are great
  • It is very effective, smooth and easy to rub in
  • My hands felt lovely and soft after massaging my baby

AwardHighly commended

Aromababy Mother & Child Massage oil
Supplied and manufactured by

This mix of cold pressed sweet almond, vitamin E, calendula and evening primrose oil was praised by Testers. Aromababy promote safe skincare with mention of a water-only approach for newborns on their products and online. The pump dispenser proved especially useful as it avoids wastage. The oil is a perfect consistency, it is non-greasy and absorbs easily. It provides a protective barrier and leaves the skin silky soft. This unscented oil is ideal for mother (not forgetting father) and baby alike.

The oil scored less because it is imported from Australia – this increases its price and carbon footprint for UK customers. Made of high quality organic ingredients, this product is quite expensive, but worth the extra pennies. This oil will hopefully become easier to buy in the UK as new suppliers become stockists.

This is what some of the Testers said:

  • The oil is light, non-greasy and easily absorbed
  • My son loved it and I also used it on myself – I am thinking I will keep the rest just for me!
  • The pump action was essential and I have fallen in love with the smell

Award:  Highly commended

Source: TIPS tested baby oils

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