How Do I Prevent Breakouts After Manscaping?

Redness, bumps, zits, or irritation that appear after you’ve clear-cut your man forest could be caused by any number of problems. Here’s the good news: They’re all preventable.

The first question to ask: Are you using a razor? Bumps most commonly appear after shaving sensitive areas, either with bacteria-covered blades or a clogged cartridge that’s pulling the hairs as they cut. In either case, try disinfecting your blade with rubbing alcohol before and after your ’scaping session. If it still persists, ditch your razor for clippers.
Trimming with scissors or with an electric clippers with a guard—the most surefire method—should leave you breakout free. But if bumps or redness persist, try using an astringent right after trimming to kill outside germs and keep them from invading your pores. This one from Kiehl’s is antibacterial and uses menthol oils and sodium PCA to soothe the skin and lock in moisture.If your manscaping routine involves any products besides a trimming device—oils, creams, gels, etc.—you might check their labels for ingredients you could be having allergic reactions to. If you see anything suspicious, remove or replace that item in your routine to see if the irritation stops.

If none of the above works for you, a trip to your dermatologist is in order. Bring a list of your grooming products and their ingredients with you so the doc can make a more accurate prognosis.

Source: How Do I Prevent Breakouts After Manscaping?

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