Why You Need to Detox Your Hair in 2017

One balmy afternoon this past summer, I sat in a salon in TribeCa as a cheery British man examined my straw-like blonde locks strand by strand, a process so precise that I was convinced this must be what it would be like to get checked for lice. Filled with fear of the unknown, I anxiously waited for the diagnosis of—gasp—what kind of health my hair was really in.“You’ve got a lot of damage from dying it so blonde for so long, and your split ends are bad,” said David Adams, master colorist and co-owner of Fourteenjay Salon. I cringed. He was onto me and my dirty little dying secret. “But we can fix this all, we’ve just got to get you on a long-term detox plan.”A detox plan for my hair? I was, at the moment of diagnosis, holding a bottle of carrot and celery juice, so I was no stranger to a cleanse. But a detox for my head? Would that work? Could my commitment-phobic self handle a long-term relationship of that caliber? I breathed a sigh of relief that I would still be allowed to hit the bottle (the bottle of hair dye, that is) and then confusion about what a hair detox actually entailed set in. Would I have to fast from shampoo for 7-21 days? Would I get headaches, acne, and overall weakness as signs my hair was deep in the state of detoxing? Would I ever be able to use a Beachwaver again?So many questions ran though my mind, but I nodded yes and promised him I would do whatever it took to get my hair back into the shiny, bouncy shape that had disappeared about a decade ago.“Healthy hair, just like a healthy body and healthy skin, requires work and dedication,” Adams tells me, in the gentlest but sternest way possible. “Healthy hair is connected to a healthy diet and lifestyle. It’s all part of the same eco-system. Whatever impacts one part of the system, impacts the entire system.” So my nightly Bridget Jones-eque wine intake wasn’t helping my coif. Fine. Hair detox, here we come.

Source: Why You Need to Detox Your Hair in 2017

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