7 Natural Sprained Ankle Treatments to Get You Back on Your Feet

It’s estimated that some 25,000 people sprain their ankle every single day, according to the American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society. (01) What are some of the reasons that someone might suffer from an ankle sprain? Ankle injuries can affect people of all ages. They are commonly caused by things like repetitive overuse and poor posture when exercising. Other causes are muscular compensations, imbalance in oppositional muscles, and impact to a ligament or joint near the foot. For the elderly, who can experience weakness and instability in the ankles, accidents such as falling are another frequent cause.

Common signs of a rolled ankle are pain, swelling, throbbing and even a black/blue appearance surrounding the injury. Sprained ankles can definitely be painful — and also inconvenient, as they usually force you to stay off your feet. The good news is that there are natural sprained ankle treatments to speed the healing of ankle sprains or other related injuries.

Upon rolling or twisting your ankle, it’s important to immediately rest the affected foot. Ideally, elevate the area as much as possible for at least the next 48-72 hours. Natural sprained ankle treatments included below are: icing the ankle, dulling pain with essential oils, and preventing the injury from happening again.

Source: 7 Natural Sprained Ankle Treatments to Get You Back on Your Feet

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