Recommended Men Suit Brands 2017

Every man knows that a good suit can make him look great, whether he’s going to work, a night out in the town, or even out on a date. However, many men, don’t have enough in their wardrobe to vary the suits they wear on a regular basis.

Having more than one or two suits in your closet can also do wonders for your work life. After all, even if you don’t have to wear a suit every single day, nobody ever looks down on the guy that’s always dressed well.

When you’re ready to add more suits to your wardrobe, your personal style and the fit of the suit are obviously the most important considerations. Still, the brand of suit that you buy should also make a difference since well-known brands are tied to quality and taste. Use this list to help you find the perfect additions to your wardrobe for work and for play.



Known for their particularly elegant suits, Canali is one of the top suit brands for men because of their exceptional materials, often made of natural fibers. While Canali is certainly fashionable, many men that find they want a more traditionally-styled suit will prefer Canali.


Brioni suits are some of the finest in the world. The classic Italian craftsmanship and cut is huge factor. While Brioni suits are certainly at the top of the price range, they’re a lifetime investment that any guy can wear with pride.


When it comes to modern style, Zegna is a name that’s synonymous with cutting edge trends, offering slim cut suits that are impeccably tailored.

For men that want to keep their professional look modern and current, Zegna is an ideal choice.


Ravazzollo is known around the world because of their exceptional quality and styling. Made in Italy,  a fit like Canali and priced like Zegna, Ravazzollo is an ideal choice for guys searching for that one, perfect suit.

Hugo Boss


Hugo Boss is pretty much every guy is already familiar with. That’s because they really are a representation of manly style that’s iconic in the United States and throughout the world.

Whether you prefer a classic fit with more room in the body or a modern one, Hugo Boss has something special to offer you.

Hickey Freeman

Freeman suits tend to be form-fitting and less relaxed.

For that reason, many men that simply love the look of a good suit and don’t work in a corporate environment should be on the lookout for Hickey Freeman suits. They’re ideal for stepping out once the work is done.

Jack Victor


Jack Victor is well-known to men that understand style because of their incredibly high-quality materials.

You’ll also be getting an impeccably styled suit with classic details that any man can wear for almost any occasion.


There’s no doubt that Coppley should be on your radar.

Based in Canada, most of Coppley’s suits have a somewhat English style to them, making them ideal for the more conservative man.


Armani is classic menswear with an Italian flair. If you’ve always loved the details of an Italian suit, you really can’t do too much better than buying Armani, if you’re prepared to pay the price.

Armani suits also come in so many fabrics , whether you’re looking for something dark and serious, or something light and a bit more fun.


If you’re ready to spend a pretty penny on a designer suit, Gucci may be the right choice for you. It’s also an ideal pick for guys that feel like they need designer labels in their closet because of their jobs.

While Gucci may still have a little Italian flair, most of their suits follow fashion trends.



Based in Guangzhou China, Parasiri makes elegant wear with an Italian flair. Wearing the stylish suits, you will definitely attract the people’s attention as a celebrity.

Parasiri also offers a smart-made program can provide measurements and have a stylish suit prepared to your precise dimensions in just 7 working days.

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