Why the Royals Don’t Wear Seat Belts

Ever since Prince Philip had his car accident, there’s been a lot of ~chatter~ about the fact that the royal family often don’t wear seat belts. In fact, Queen Elizabeth was seen driving sans seat belt in the wake of Philip’s accident, which is pretty, uh…questionable.

The thing is, the royal fam actually has a good-ish reason for being so unsafe. And ironically that reason has to do with their own personal safety. Speaking to Hello Magazine, former royal protection officer Simon Morgan explained that sometimes royals don’t wear seat belts in order to escape quickly in an emergency.


“There are always anomalies,” Morgan said. “In the threat and risk matrix it’s a matter of looking at each individual situation to decide what is the best way of achieving what needs to be achieved. For example, considering that a quick entry or exit to a vehicle is easier when people aren’t strapped into seat belts.”

He added, “Also, what is significant about this event or situation? Is an individual’s look and appearance important? And also an individual’s choice. Protection is a very unique area of policing and there are a lot grey areas, but you are always judging each situation to weigh up the risks and threats with the outcomes you are trying to achieve.”

Guess that settles that! But for what it’s worth, the younger royals know whattup:


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