Gillette Heated Razor: What Are The Benefits?

Discover why introducing a heated razor into your morning routine will revolutionise the way that you shave

The pinnacle of any shaving experience for men is the hot towel shave – an all-too-rare luxury reserved for when a guy has time to lie back and enjoy the bliss of an expertly wielded blade gliding effortlessly across his warmed-up skin.

Now, thanks to the introduction of GilletteLabs’ Heated Razor you can swap the grind of bleary-eyed, chin-scraping on a chilly morning for the blissful feel of a hot towel shave at the touch of a button.

Described by journalist Teo Van den Broeke as a “wonder tool”, the Heated Razor has been the recipient of multiple awards this year, including the Engadget People’s Choice Award at the Consumer Electronics Show, GQ’s Best Grooming Gadget, leading website AskMen’s Best Grooming Tech Innovation, a Men’s Health Grooming Award and an Esquire Grooming Award.

Feel the heat

The centrepiece of Gillette’s pioneering Heated Razor is its revolutionary stainless-steel warming bar. By distributing heat quickly and evenly across your face, it instantly provides a soothing warmth that lasts through every stroke of the shave.

Depending on whether you want to start your day with a kick-start blast of heat, or ease into things with a more gently soothing warmth, Gillette’s new Heated Razor lets you select between two temperature levels  – 43C or 50C – for optimal comfort.

Simply press and hold the on/off button until the heating indicator changes colour: orange for the higher temperature, yellow for lower. Moreover, the Heated Razor will automatically warm to the heat level you last used when you next power on the device.

Safe and sound

Four intelligent heat sensors ensure the temperature of the razor is constantly monitored to keep an even heat throughout the whole shave, while an automatic overheat protection ensures it will never get too hot. The new Gillette Heated Razor is also 100 per cent waterproof, meaning you can shave wherever you wish.

The best blade technology

The Heated Razor’s advanced five blades technology provides ultimate comfort, as well as a seriously close, smooth shave, while its innovative FlexDisc means the fine blades perfectly follow the contours of your face, maintaining maximum contact with the warming bar on every stroke.

Style and convenience

The Heated Razor is designed to charge vertically on a wireless magnetic docking stand as soon as the razor is placed on it. This easy charge technology means there’s no need to mess around with wires, and the stand takes up minimum space whether it’s in your bathroom at home or slung in a bag for going away. A full charge takes around six hours to provide 15 minutes of heat.

A gift to last

Best of all, in the countdown to Christmas, the Gillette Heated Razor could well provide the answer to that annual conundrum of what to gift the man in your life this year. For the gift that keeps on giving, the Gillette Heated Razor ticks all the right boxes.

It’s gloriously practical, letting men turn a dull morning ritual into an effortless pleasure, yet luxurious too, putting a sensual twist on personal grooming all year round. And all in the palm of your hand.

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