Skinfix Renewing Scrub Review – The Best Body Scrub For Dry, Rough Skin

As a beauty editor, I spend a lot of time focusing on the skin on my face: I use a multiple serums, different eye creams for day and night, and all the gadgets (LED, facial toning, cleansing brush, you name it). But I’ll be the first to admit that I pay little to no attention to the skin on my body.

Don’t get me wrong, my shower is stashed with scrubs, exfoliating gloves, and foams. But by the time it gets to the body part of my shower (always at the end, so I can wash away any hair product residue), I’m more inclined to do a quick once over with some shower gel and call it a day. That is, until I tried the Skinfix Renewing Scrub.

Renewing Scrub


The first thing I fell in love with? The ingredient list. This scrub is packed with proven ingredients that I’m used to seeing on my favorite face scrubs and peels. And unlike other body scrubs I’ve tried, this works two ways…

First, it’s a chemical exfoliant. That means it uses ingredients like alpha and beta hydroxy acids (in this case fruit and glycolic acids) to gently loosen surface skin cells and clean out pores. It’s also a physical exfoliant full of polishing beads made from bamboo (which are biodegradable 🙌) that physically buff away dead skin.

Here’s where things get crazy. This scrub is meant to be used before your shower. Yes, on dry skin. This allows the chemical exfoliants to really get to work before they’re diluted by water. Work the scrub all over dry skin in circular motions for a few minutes (you’ll also get the same stimulating benefits as dry brushing). I recommend doing this in the shower with the water off because the bamboo beads go all over the place. Then, turn on the water and rinse it off.

After just one use, my skin was softer than I’ve ever felt it. I’m not exaggerating. My arms and legs were completely smooth and bump-free, and the blend of oils (grape seed, sweet almond, and coconut) made my skin feel silky. It’s completely converted me to a body skincare junkie, and although they recommend using it about two times a week, I find myself reaching for it every shower.

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