13 Best Gym Clothes Brands For Men In 2019

Hitting the gym these days can almost be considered a religion. Just about every man and his dog head to their chosen place of iron-clad worship to lift an array of heavy objects in the name of aesthetics. And probably health and strength too, but admit it, it’s mainly aesthetics.

This brings us to today’s buyer’s guide on the world’s coolest gym clothing brands for men right now. On a fundamental level, you want to look better and perform at the peak of your fitness. It’s a tall order given the array of options out there, so we took the liberty of scaling it down to thirteen of the best for you.

Unlike many other sports, gym workouts cannot be enhanced by some special ultra-tight pants or grippy socks. Instead, the focus is on technical fabrics, moisture wicking, breathability and weight which allows individuals to push themselves to the limits. Think garments that complement your workout rather than restricting them.

Rules For Gym Wear

Given the practical nature of gym wear over other forms of menswear, there’s really not too many rules to abide by. The most important factors are fit, colour and style that need to be addressed.

Gym Clothing Fit

When training in the gym, whether it’s weights, cardio, yoga or a heavy HIIT class, it’s important to ensure that your outfit fitment is perfect. And by perfect we mean clothes that give your arms, legs, waist and mid-section a full range of motion to take on any exercise. That’s not to say you need to be rocking the loosest fitting t-shirt and shorts in your wardrobe. Many brands, especially the ones we’ve listed here, now come in a slimmer cut to provide a cleaner aesthetic without sacrificing performance. Elastane and polyester blends help a lot with this so keep an eye on these types of garments which often come in joggers, shirts and compression gear.

Gym Clothing Colour

This is where the style aspect comes into play a bit more for gym goers. When pairing gym clothes it’s important to pay attention to the colour combination of your top and bottom. What you never want is to have is a full matching outfit which will make you look like a member of The Wiggles. Instead, break up the colours with a bright top and muted bottoms or vice versa.

Gym Clothing Style

If you’re big on the cardio and HIIT then the style of gym clothing you should be going for is the fast wicking stuff. Think thin layers and lots of air pockets for air and moisture to escape. If you’re a lifter then singlets and anything that can highlight your muscle groups is the look you want. Training in the cold? Arm yourself with jogger pants and a hoodie until you’ve warmed up. It’s as simple as that.

Ready to look damn good as you lift your personal best? These are the best gym clothing brands for men to rock right now.

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