Leggings Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles – Trend to Wear

Because yogis tend to be more earth-conscious as a way of life, it wasn’t long before yoga clothing designers took a real interest in offering healthier, more sustainable options. Luckily for us, the demand has grown, so we can enjoy a variety of creatively sourced clothing! Pharrell is one of the leaders in this industry as he’s the creative director of Bionic Yarn, a company creating products out of our trash. They are even partnering with blue jean manufacturers to make your sexy pair of bell bottoms.

Plastic Water Bottle Pollution

Why it Matters

The latest source for creativity comes from recycled plastic water bottles. Plastic bottles are thrown away in droves, more than 22 billion get tossed every year – talk about waste! New designers are turning other people’s trash into our treasure. A number of brands have begun producing activewear and yoga clothing made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Read on for four fabulous leggings that will help save the planet – and make you feel amazing!

Brands that are made from Recycled H2O Bottles

1) Wanderlust + Wildhearts

For those who liked Teeki’s Hot Pants, you will LOVE Wildhearts & Wanderlust. Their USA made, sustainable leggings are created from recycled plastic water bottles and will have no trouble keeping up with you no matter what adventure you’re on! They have a breathable, second skin feel and their silky smooth, 4 way stretch fabric gives you access to your body’s full range of motion whether you’re practicing yoga, dancing, or jumping in the nearest river

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Source: Evolvefitwear