Does Penis Size Really Matter? ‘The Girls Next Door’ Reveal What They Think

You know the feeling: You’re on a date, and it’s going well. You find yourselves back at your place, making out and groping one another like horny teenagers.

Soon the two of you are stumbling toward the bedroom, moments away from seeing each other naked for the first time.

She’ll look amazing, of course. But in the back of your mind, in that annoying little buzzkill part of your brain, you just can’t help but wonder: How will I measure up?

Well, she may not tell you—but our Girls Next Door will.

Recently the three of them—Naomi, Marissa, and LiLi—got together to drink wine, snack on some bananas (and cucumbers?), and engage in some good old-fashioned girl talk.

One reader—Joe from Boise—wrote to them with a simple request: “Size: discuss.”

The girls did not hold back. They talked length vs. width, what really matters to women, even micro-penises. (Plus, learn how having a small penis can work to your advantage.)

“My friends and I definitely talk about it,” admits Marissa.

Naomi always texts her friends hooking up with a new guy—“Sometimes I just send ‘carrot emoji’ or ‘eggplant emoji’—question mark.”

And you’ll never believe what one of LiLi’s friends confessed to her.

Maybe you wish you could be a fly on the wall when your girlfriend is talking to her friends about you. But this is the next best thing. Trust us, just watch the video—you’ll be glad you did. (And regardless of your size, always make sure you have a condom on hand. We like these Lelo Hex ones from the Men’s Health store.)

via Does Penis Size Really Matter? ‘The Girls Next Door’ Reveal What They Think

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