Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer Review

You prime your face, your eyes, and maybe even your lashes. All that effort, and you’re still content to let your lipstick fade and feather throughout the day? I didn’t think so.

Forever a lover of a good lip balm—Sara Happ’s The Lip Slip ($24; is basically my religion—it never occurred to me that swapping this step out and replacing it with a lip primer could be the answer to long-lasting lip color. It wasn’t until I heard about Bite Beauty’s Line & Define Lip Primer ($22; that I realized how helpful a lip-priming product could be in my routine.



The product itself has a clear, pointed pencil tip made of lauroyl lysine and silica, both common ingredients in all-over face primers. Jojoba and argan oils help nourish, while mint delivers a slight plumping effect. If I’m using a bright lipstick that I want to stay put for hours, I prime all over my lips to create a base layer for the color to adhere to. But if I’m less concerned with overall pigmentation and more focused on stopping product feathering around the edges—which happens quite a bit when using creamy products—I focus the primer around the edges of my lips, as if it were a liner. Since it comes out clear, I don’t need to worry about being too precise, which makes this the most stress-free step in my routine.

It turns out, I’m not the only fan of this primer—it has a four-star rating on and many positive reviews. “This is seriously a game changer, especially in winter,” SewLes writes. “My lips stay hydrated and my liquid lipsticks apply better then ever.”

“The very first time I bought this, the girl at the checkout enthusiastically told me that everyone who buys it thinks that it’s life changing,” wrote ser MissButler. “It is now my go-to lip primer. I wear a lot of liquid to matte lipsticks and this makes them go on so much smoother and last so much longer without flaking.”

If you take your statement lip game seriously, this primer is a must for amping up the color payoff and longevity. I’ve even started branching out a little when it comes to the lip colors I wear, now that I have a secret weapon to make sure they stay flawless.

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