Best Scalp Scrubs of 2019 For Your Healthiest Hair Ever

How much time do you spend thinking about your hair? Okay, now same question about your scalp. Yup, thought so. But you should definitely show the skin on your head some love—and scalp scrubs are a great way to keep grime and residue from messing with your strands.

They’re super-simple to use: Before you shampoo and condition, wet your hair, section it, and then apply a small amount of scrub directly to the part (not your hair) with your fingers, says Justin Anderson, celebrity colorist and dpHue creative director. Repeat five or six times around your scalp, massage, then rinse well. Just be sure to limit scalp scrubs to a once-a-week self-care ritual.

Depending on your exact hair issue, there’s a perfect scalp scrub for you. These are our favorites.


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$5.00 (50% off) reviewers rave about this gentle sulfate-free scrub. On example: “I absolutely loved this product! I have hair that I tend to wear both wavy/curly and straight (depends on my mood), so I end up with a lot of product build-up. This took all of the build-up out of my hair. My hair felt so clean that I cannot tell you the last time my hair has felt this good! I will definitely put this product on my “must-buy” list!”

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