Air Canada Food Is Actually The Healthiest Of 11 Major North American Airlines

It’s pretty common for people to think that airplane food isn’t good quality or good for you. But a new rating shows that one Canadian airline is doing pretty well when it comes to in-flight food. Air Canada food is actually the healthiest in North America.

According to a new study by Diet Detective, the Canadian airline is rated as the best airline when it comes to having the healthiest food choices for people while they’re up in the air.

Out of 11 major North American airlines, Air Canada tied with Alaska Airlines in this annual ranking. Air Canada got 4.0 out of a possible 5.0 rating. That’s pretty good!

“Air Canada’s meals are relatively healthy and available for trips that are more than 2 hours long. Providing real meals starting at 2 hours is not typical, most airlines start offering real meals at 3 or 4 hours, which is not great if you want to avoid unhealthy snacks,” according to Diet Detective.

Air Canada did really well because the airline added several new items to the in-flight menu that shows some health innovation like the grilled chicken summer salad and the wild rice superfood salad.

“These are great mini-meals, much better than a traditional snack, and are low in calories with great nutrient content,” according to Diet Detective.

For breakfast, your best bet with the company is the Liberte Greek yogurt. Also, the avocado smash box has fresh guacamole, a hard-boiled egg, green apple slices, and multigrain muesli bread with lots of protein to fill you up for the flight.

You might not expect it but Campbell’s chicken noodle soup is actually a low-calorie snack option on Air Canada flights and it’s pretty good.

If full meals are available on your flight, Diet Detective suggests getting sushi, the California roll in particular. The Pangoa Bowl and the Sriracha Lime Wrap are also both nutritious and low-calorie options.

Even though Air Canada was rated so highly, there are still improvements to be made.

“The bad news is that Air Canada needs to include all nutrient information and ingredients on its menu and online – there is no reason not to,” according to Diet Detective.

It’s important to remember that all in-flight food will cost you extra.

Snacks range $3 to $5.50, breakfasts range from $2 to $7.95, meals range from $7.95 to $13.50 and all-day options like a fruit and cheese platter or oatmeal range from $3 to $8.50.

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