Best Prostate Supplements of 2017 Reviewed

Most men who are in their 50s and older will develop Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as an enlarged prostate. An enlarged prostate can squeeze and partially block the urethra. This can result in uncomfortable symptoms such as urinary urgency, weak urine stream, troubles with starting and stopping, urine leaking, and feelings of incomplete emptying. One way to treat* this common male problem is with lifestyle changes, medications, and surgery or alternatively, with the help of top rated prostate supplements.

How Prostate Supplements help to Reduce* Enlarged Prostate?

Prostate supplements are believed to reduce* an enlarged prostate by supporting prostate health with nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and other beneficial ingredients. Shrinking the prostate gland as well as slowing down its growth rate is what conventional prostate medication also does. However, medication for the treatment of an enlarged prostate can cause side effects and some men don’t like the idea of taking medicine. For this and many other reasons, men will turn to prostate supplements as a natural way to treat* their enlarged prostate.

Working of Prostate Supplements

Prostate supplements usually contain a blend of natural ingredients which include herbal extracts, minerals, and vitamins. The prostate gland contains a number of components that help it function properly and whose levels tend to decline with age. A good example would be zinc which is a mineral whose levels are highest in the prostate gland and whose levels drop significantly in men experiencing BPH and prostate cancer. Prostate supplements also contain antioxidants which help scavenge free radicals which may be causing damage to prostate cells.

Prostate Cells

Are there any Adverse Effects of Prostate Supplements?

If prostate supplements are manufactured in accordance with certain manufacturing standards and with proven* and safe ingredients, they should cause no adverse effects. This is mainly because most prostate supplements contain natural and herbal ingredients that were found to be safe for most users. However, because dietary supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, their safety can only be guaranteed* and tested by the manufacturers and product safety can be highly questionable under such circumstances.

How to Choose the Best Prostate Supplements?

The best prostate supplements are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility by renowned supplement companies. These supplements should be in accordance with the latest research on prostate health in order to ensure efficiency. When searching for a prostate supplement, make sure to check manufacturer reliability, product safety, and ingredients list. And speaking of ingredients, the more info provided the better* the chances you are dealing with a responsible manufacturer as clients deserve to know what exactly is in the bottle of supplements they are purchasing.

Proven* Ingredient in Best Prostate Supplements

The research on prostate supplements and natural ingredients used in the treatment of BPH is insufficient to know for sure if these products work. Most research was done on Saw Palmetto, Green Tea, Zinc, and Calcium and the study findings are frequently inconclusive. However, these ingredients were found to help some men find relief* from their symptoms and more research is needed to understand how these products help men treat* BPH.

Enlarged Prostate Info

Top 10 Best Prostate Supplements

Now, with everything being cleared out regarding prostate supplements, here are the 10 best prostate supplements you can find on the market today.

#1 Prostara

Prostara is a dietary supplement developed by Himex Biotech for the purpose of supporting overall prostate health. Besides reducing* the urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate, Prostara is said to also improve* sexual functioning as this product also works on your hormonal status. The key ingredient in this dietary supplement is Zinc which helps boost* testosterone levels. Other ingredients in Prostara are selenium, Saw palmetto, lycopene, pumpkin seed powder, soy isoflavones, and more. With regular use, Prostara will help reduce* inflammation in the prostate and help decrease* urinary problems. If you want to learn more about this dietary supplement, click here.

#2 OptiProstate XTS

This dietary supplement is made with high-grade organic saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil which clinical studies proved was effective in treating BPH. The product is manufactured by Stop* Aging Now Company that has been selling supplements for more than 20 years now. Their OptiProstate XTS supplement help treat* the symptoms of an enlarged prostate with only natural ingredients and with absolutely no side effects. With regular use, you should start noticing a difference in both your urinary and sexual troubles. The product also comes at an affordable price at $16.95 for a monthly supply and also with a money-back guarantee*. If you want to learn more about this dietary supplement, click here.

#3 Urinozinc Prostate Plus

Urinozinc Prostate Plus was formulated by medical experts and produced by the company DSE Health Care Solutions LLC. Just like other prostate supplement, Urinozinc also tackles issues with urinary frequency and urgency associated with an enlarged prostate with the help of Saw palmetto and beta sitosterol. These ingredients are believed to reduce* prostate swelling by keeping the levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an androgen hormone, at low levels. If you want to learn more about this dietary supplement, click here.

#4 Viprosta

The Viprosta website does not offer much info regarding their product. Nevertheless, Viprosta contains some of the true and tried ingredients in the treatment of an enlarged prostate which are beta sitosterol, lycopene, Saw palmetto, and stinging nettle. The product formula is also supposedly developed by doctors and is completely safe and natural. At an affordable price of $40 for one bottle, you can also get your money back in case this product does not work for you. If you want to learn more about this dietary supplement, click here.

#5 Prost8 Plus

Prost8 Plus contains ingredients that are commonly found in prostate supplements such as saw palmetto, selenium, beta sistosterol, zinc, lycopene, Pygeum bark extract, and quercetin. While you’ll find most of these ingredients in other prostate supplements as well, Prost8 Pus manufacturers claim* they use ingredients of the highest quality in their product. Unfortunately, these ingredients and the benefits they provide aren’t explained on the product website. If you want to learn more about this dietary supplement, click here.

#6 Prost-P10x

What sets this product out is the fact that it was developed by the Director of the Integrative Urology Centre at NYU Langone Medical Center. Another impressive fact is that this product contains as much as 12 active ingredients all meant to support* the health of the prostate gland. The product works by blocking the 5-alpha-reductase and prevents the synthesis of testosterone into DHT all of which are factors which can cause an enlarged prostate. The product is, unfortunately, on the pricier side at $89.85 but considering its impressive production, we can definitely say it is worth the money. If you want to learn more about this dietary supplement, click here.

#7 Prostalieve

Prostalive is a unique prostate supplement that you can order online from the company’s website. The ingredients in this product are impressive in both amount and variety. Other than the essential ingredients found in almost every prostate supplement, Prostalieve also contains Maitake mushroom, Reishi mushroom, and shitake mushroom extracts which studies show contain anti-inflammatory and immunomodulation compounds. The product also contains Glutamic Acid, L-Alanine, L-Glycine which strengthen* the immune system. If you want to learn more about this dietary supplement, click here.

#8 Prostarelief

Prostalrelief is another product containing staple ingredients for the treatment of an enlarged prostate. The good thing about this product is that the ingredients are explained in great detail on the product website. You can also read plenty customer testimonials* on the Prostarelief website to help you gain more insight in how this product actually works. And if you find the product does not work for you, you get a money back guarantee* providing that your return the bottle within 90 days from the day of purchasing. If you want to learn more about this dietary supplement, click here.

#9 Prostanew

Prostanew contains a number of highly effective ingredients for the treatment of BPH among which is the highly-regarded Pygeum africanum. One systematic review found that Pygeum africanum was an effective herbal supplement in the treatment of BHP. Other ingredients in this product are Lycopene which is an antioxidant, and the already covered saw palmetto and zinc. The product is also affordable at only $16.78 for a monthly supply. If you want to learn more about this dietary supplement, click here.

# 10 Prostavox

The main purpose of Prostavox is to lower the levels of DHT in the body and reduce* inflammation of the prostate gland. This is made possible with ingredients such as Saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, pygeum, cranberry, pomegranate seed, selenium, and zinc. All these ingredients are carefully listed and explained on the Prostavox website. If you want to learn more about this dietary supplement, click here.


As we can tell, a lot of men who are experiencing uncomfortable urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate try to find relief* with the help of prostate supplements. Although scientific research on these products is still insufficient to tell if these products really work, there are some promising clinical trials. The products listed here have helped men find relief* as evident in client testimonials* and successful sale of these products.

Source: Best Prostate Supplements of 2017 Reviewed

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