This Is How Kim Kardashian Gets Gorgeous, Healthy Hair

By now, we know that Kim K can pull off just about any hair color—and based on her new hue, platinum is so her thing.

Here’s the rub: Strands go through a lot when they’re transformed from dark to platinum blonde. As Women’s Health has talked about before, bleach weakens hair bonds, leaving strands drier and more straw-like. Clearly, Kim K doesn’t have that problem, though. Her hair looks impossibly silky, shiny, and sleek, even post dye-job. She’s using a secret weapon to keep her locks healthy—and you have to know about it.
Via Instagram, Kim K revealed that she was shopping to pick up Nexxus Emergencee Treatment.

Nexxus Emergencee Treatment
Photograph courtesy of Nexxus

Buy it: $19.99,

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“Oh, no big deal, just came into the Nexxus store. My hair being bleached, I have to get this new Emergencee protein treatment. So excited,” she said.


The hair repair treatment—designed to be used post-color treatment—packs marine collagen and elastin proteins to reconstruct broken protein structures and boost strands’ strength. It’s the reason why her hair looks resilient and strong.

Source: This Is How Kim Kardashian Gets Gorgeous, Healthy Hair

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