11 Women Who Prove Smart is Sexy

There’s a disturbing claim making the rounds on the Internet lately that men don’t like smart women.

Guys feel threatened when talking to a brainy lady, according to reports on a new study from the University of Buffalo.

Well, we feel compelled to clear something up: Those reports are utter BS.

Here’s why.

In the study, men were told that a woman they were about to meet had scored either higher or lower than they did on an intelligence test. After chatting with the women, the men were more likely to want to date the women who had scored lower.

But here’s the thing: The intelligence test was fake. The women weren’t necessarily any more or less smart than the men they were matched with.

So it doesn’t tell us anything about how men react to brilliant women in real life.

But we can tell you that: As any guy knows, being smart makes a woman more appealing. Dating someone who keeps you on your toes makes for more sparks, more laughs, and way more interesting dinner conversation.

That’s probably why many of the male editors in this office are married to or dating engineers, writers, or full-time moms who beat us on the SATs.

Luckily for us guys, there are millions of sharp, sexy women who are walking, talking contradictions of this ridiculous “news.” Here are just 11 examples who prove smart is sexy.

via 11 Women Who Prove Smart is Sexy

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