10 Best Plant-Based Protein Bars – Healthiest Vegan Protein Bars

Thanks in the recent rise of the marketing term “plant-based,” there are quite a few plant-based protein bars on the market.

Many of these plant-based protein bars are not good. They taste like pulling up a handful of weeds from your lawn, mixing them with some sadness, and then trying to chew your way through the pain.

But some of these plant-based protein bars are good. In fact, they’re delicious. They taste like protein bars made with animal products, but without animal products. So, yes, they are also vegan, in case you were wondering.

Without further fuss, the 10 best plant-based (and also vegan) protein bars.

Peanut Butter & White Chocolate

Vitamin Shoppe

This company builds their vegan bars with non-GMO ingredients. The 13 grams of protein comes from pea protein. There’s also eight grams of fiber and a whole lot of flavor.

The Complete Cookie, Birthday Cake

Vitamin Shoppe
Lenny & Larry’s

Okay, so they aren’t exactly a bar. But who is going to complain about eating a cookie? Especially a cookie with 16 grams of protein that is birthday cake flavored. If you want to complain, then you’re not invited to the party.

3 Salted Caramel


Vega also makes a mean vegan protein powder so it makes sense to trust them with your protein in bar form too. You’ll snack on 20 grams of brown rice and pea protein, and sneak in three grams of fiber too.

4 Protein Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars


“PROTEIN” is the largest word on this bar’s box, but just know that there are 11 grams in each serving. That’s not a ton of protein, admittedly, so just make sure that you’re eating some additional plant-based protein with the bar if you’re aiming for that critical amount of 30 grams of muscle-building protein.

5 Organic Fit Protein Bar, S’mores

Garden of Life

In case you need more convincing than the word “s’mores,” these pea-protein-based bars also have 14 grams (yes 14) of fiber. They’re good, so just be careful how many you eat. Because fiber.

6 Hemp Yeah! Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Bars

Manitoba Harvest

If you prefer your protein with a little less sugary-treat flavor (and a little more help puns!) then this could be your bar. You’ll only gain 10 grams of protein here, but the nuts lend some heart-healthy fats. Goes well with an apple.

7 MacroBar Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chip




This bar blends peanut butter into the usual pea-and-brown-rice protein combo, which results in a “real” flavor. Again, there’s only 11 grams of protein in one bar, but in this case, you wouldn’t ruin your gains if you went and ate two.

8 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Thrive Market


Eating raw chocolate chip cookie dough = bad idea. Eating Aloha’s chocolate chip cookie dough protein bar = better idea. Fourteen grams of protein. Fourteen grams of fiber. Sorry raw cookie dough.

9 Organic Sprouted Grow Plant Protein Bar, Zesty Lemon

Thrive Market
Go Raw

This is your change-up bar for when all the sweets start to wear you out. It’s sweet, still, but more fresh and bright and zippy. Each bar has 12 grams of protein.

Organic Braised Firm Tofu



It’s a bar. And it’s high in protein. And it’s vegan. And it’s not sickly sweet. And it’s awesome.

Paul is the Food & Nutrition Editor of Men’s Health.

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