Kim Kardashian Shares Video Doing Squats For Depth On Instagram

  • Kim Kardashian just posted an Instagram video of herself doing squats at the gym.
  • Kim wrote in the post that she’s “working on depth.”
  • Depth is tied to your mobility and can help you improve your workout game, if done correctly.

There is perhaps no butt as famous as the one that belongs to Kim Kardashian. So when Kim posts a video of herself working on her behind, you watch it—over and over and over.

Kim just shared an Instagram story of herself at the gym, banging out barbell squat reps. The caption reads, “Squats: We’re working on depth.”

Hold on, what does “working on depth” mean when it comes to squats?

It’s no surprise that Kim makes squats the star of her workout. Squatting for depth means having optimal joint movement at your ankles, knees, and hips, so that you can bring your tush as low to the ground as possible.

Kim’s famed rear doesn’t get quite that low—it hits parallel to her knees, which is the goal for most—but her caption suggests she’s trying to get lower. There’s good reason for that: Deep squats—where your hips dip below your knees (look to squishy toddlers for a solid example of these)—have been to promote greater muscle mass and strength development than shallow squats, according to research from California State University’s Center for Sport Performance.

Other research published in the Journal of Evolution and Health has shown that deep squats can increase your range of motion, which helps you get more out of every exercise in your repertoire. The move remains a hot debate among trainers, per an article in the Strength and Conditioning Journal—some think the deep squat can damage the knees, while others believe it can strengthen them—but most agree that if your body has the mobility to master them with proper form, they’re worth doing.

Kim definitely has some…controversial opinions, but I’ll give her credit for this one. I’m glad to see that she’s not forcing her body, but rather teaching it, to get into a position that doesn’t work for her anatomy or current mobility. Props to her for taking things slowly in an effort to get stronger.

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