3 Best Abs Exercises For a Quicker 6-Pack

Your choice of ab exercises can play an incredible role in your ab development on the long run. Just because some ab exercises are more effective than others. If you choose wisely, you can develop tighter abs few times quicker.

While there are a ton of guys preaching many different ab exercises as the best abs exercises out there without any substantiation, there are actually few guys who can justify their talk with some proof.

Although there are very few studies and researches in relation to ab exercises, there are some. And today I want to tell you about one of them so we could find the best abs exercises.

Well…maybe these are not the best of the best abs exercises ever, but they are the most effective within this particular study.

There is a study led by Peter Francis, Ph.D., where researchers compared the effectiveness of 13 most common ab exercises (Oh, I could argue with those guys about their choice of exercises). They did use electromyography (EMG) equipment to monitor each participant’s muscle activity as they exercised.

As a base-line for the comparison they did use the same old traditional crunch.

Here are the results of the activity for the Rectus Abdominis (six pack abs muscle) for all the 13 exercises:

  • Bicycle Crunches(248%)
  • Captain’s Chair (212%)
  • Exercise Ball Crunch (139%)
  • Vertical Leg Crunch (129%)
  • Torso Track (127%)
  • Long Arm Crunch (119%)
  • Reverse Crunch (109%)
  • Crunch With Heel Push (107%)
  • Ab Roller (105%)
  • Hover (100%)
  • Traditional Crunch (100%)
  • Exercise Tubing Pull (92%)
  • Ab Rocker (21%)

So The 3 Best Abs Exercises Are…

  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Captain’s Chair
  • Crunch on Exercise Ball

Source: Absexperiment