A Simple Workout Routine Helped This Celebrity Gamer Transform His Body

Vikkstar123 (Vikram Singh Barn) is one of the most famous gamers on YouTube with 5.69 million subscribers. Earlier this week, he changed up his video content slightly by posting a 1-year body transformation video, showing off his gains.

During the winter of 2018, Vikram snapped his collarbone in half while skiing. “It told me in a way that’s quite dramatic, you’re a little bit frail. You’re a little bit weak, and you should have been fine,” the YouTuber said.


This inspired him to get into better shape and gain some muscle. Prior to working out, he weighed 55 kgs, roughly 121 pounds. He didn’t mention his height in this video, but has previously claimed that he’s a tad under 5’8’’.

He noted that his lifestyle was pretty terrible before working out; he just spent most of his days playing video games and making videos for YouTube.

All things considered, he started and continued with a pretty simple workout routine. He worked out every other day without a split. He started his days in the gym with stretches, then would complete three sets of four exercises (full body). If he had the energy, he’d end with a quick high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. All in all, his workouts didn’t take more than 40 minutes.

After 6 months of bulking, he weighed 65 kgs or roughly 143 pounds. From there he cut by adding some cardio to his routine. He would have a weight day, followed by a rest day, then cardio day, followed by another rest day. For cardio, he would typically walk or complete interval sprints on the treadmill for about half-an-hour to 40 minutes.

A year after he started working out, Vikram saw major improvements in both his strength and technique when lifting. Whereas he started doing one-arm dumbbell snatches at 7.5 kgs (~16.5 lbs), he made his way all the way up to 18 kgs (~39.6 lbs). Where he could barely do more than a few pushups when he first started, he could now do a solid 3 one-handed pushups, and his dumbbell row, too, improved, starting at 7.5 kgs (~16.5 lbs) and increasing to 12 kgs (~26.5 lbs).

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