Kim Kardashian Shares Her Favorite Protein-Packed Meal

If you’ve an avid follower of the Kardashians on social media, you’ve probably seen Kim hitting the gym religiously over the past few days. And while she often makes her fitness routine look easy—sometimes sharing in-depth snaps of her favorite workouts—the mom of three also isn’t afraid to get real about lazy days when the gym is the last possible place she’d like to be.

Case in point: a Snapchat the A-lister posted yesterday. “You guys, I am so not in the mood to work out today,” Kardashian vented on the social platform. “Have you ever just like sleepwalked through a workout? That’s what I feel like doing today.”

If this statement doesn’t have you raising your hand in agreement, we admire (and envy) your commitment to the gym. But for most of us, this feeling is all too familiar. Even Kardashian’s trainer calls walking lunges “the most evil of all evils” in the snap. Relatable.

Staying consistent with your workouts is important, but so is balancing time spent at the gym with rest days, as well as filling your plate with healthy foods that give you energy and make you feel good. So what’s on Kardashian’s plate to recover after a week of walking lunges? According to her Snapchat, she loves to refuel with protein pancakes, which also double as a delicious treat.


Kardashian’s latest snap shows a stack of pancakes topped with bananas, a fried egg, fresh fruit on the side, and what appears to be a juice in the corner. While it looks like the perfect setup for a cheat day brunch, protein pancakes are actually a perfect healthy indulgence to give you energy and keep you feeling full. Judging by how regularly Kardashian hits the gym, it’s no surprised she opts for meals like this to make sure she’s well-nourished for the long day ahead.

We can’t be sure exactly how Kardashian makes her pancakes, but if the idea already has your mouth watering, try one of our favorite protein-packed flapjack recipes, such as Spelt-Quinoa Pancakes, Banana-Hemp Pancakes, and Paleo Coconut Pancakes. In addition to being super flavorful, they’re a great source of protein and fiber to keep you satisfied (the Paleo Coconut Pancakes are also gluten-free!).

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