This Chest and Back Workout Gives You a Double Pump

Not everyone has time to train one body part a day. And not everyone wants to do that. Sometimes, you just need to get all your upper-body training into one session.

On days like that, the chest-and-back superset session is one of your best training options. It’s grueling and challenging, but it will leave your entire upper body with a vicious pump, and insure that you’re hitting all critical upper-body muscles.

And while it’s challenging, it’s also smartly crafted: For the health of your shoulders and your posture, you always want to blend pushing and pulling exercises into your training. Supersetting a chest exercise with a back exercise insures that you do that. Lead with the back exercise in each pair first; for physique balance, you should aim to pull more weight (and more frequently) than you push in all your training.

A chest-and-back superset workout also lets you move challenging weights; you’ll wind up doing major movements, such as bench presses and rows, and by lifting heavy weights, you’ll spur your body towards muscle growth.

This isn’t the kind of workout you want to do all week, though, especially if you’re training hard. If you try doing chest-and-back supersets, think of doing them twice a week, with at least two days of rest for upper-body training in between. Chest-and-back supersets work ideally with a weekly split that has you training on a three-day split that starts with legs on the first day, places upper body on the second day, and includes a third day of rest and recovery.

Not sure where to start with a chest-and-back supersets workout? Here’s a sample session that can get you jumpstarted.

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