The Workout Demi Moore Does To Make 57 Look Like 27

Who can forget that footage of Demi Moore busting out single-arm pushups as the first female Navy SEAL hopeful in G.I. Jane? If it didn’t make you want to try a pushup challenge, I don’t know what will. Demi’s basic training days might be far behind her, but the actress and mom of three is still finding ways to stay super fit at 57.

Her go-to form of exercise at the moment? Dancing. Prior to posing nude for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar last year, Demi shared on Instagram that she’d started working out again after a four-year break and that she was taking dance cardio classes via the buzzy virtual gym The Mirror (one of our 2020 Fit Tech Awards winners, btw).

To help ease back into a workout routine, Demi said she decided to start with The Mirror’s level one workouts, opting for 15-minute sweat sessions. Since then, she’s actually revealed through a series of posts on social media that while that the digital fitness platform was new to her, she’s been busting a move to stay in shape for decades.

Still, even though her abs say otherwise, Demi doesn’t seem to think of dancing as exercise, even though it definitely counts as cardio and can help you burn calories and build lean muscle mass. She told celeb makeup artists Gucci Westman recently that the only exercise she does right now is in her mind. (Hey, mental fitness is just as important as the physical kind.) What this says to me is that the key to making 57 look like 27 might just be finding a way to stay active that you love so much it doesn’t feel like work. Keep reading to see six times Demi’s showed off her sweet dancing skills on social media.

Demi started dancing early.

Demi’s first performance credit was as a dancing ant in a childhood recital. The song that launched her career? “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies, according to her caption.

She’s brought her dance moves to the big screen.

Demi’s had a lot of iconic film moments over her nearly 40-year career. But she recently shared what appears to be one of her faves: This clip of her boogying in a bath towel from the 1996 movie Striptease.

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3 Demi does low-impact dance cardio.

This time-lapse video of Demi doing a 15-minute Mirror workout reveals a few things: 1. Her high-plank form is still solid (no doubt it was drilled in to her during basic training). 2. Her plié squats and turn out are on pointe. And 3. She’s aware that low-impact workouts can still help you strengthen and sculpt while being easy on your joints, something that’s important at any age but especially as you get older. Demi shared in the caption that her aim was to turn her bum into a peach emoji. LOLs and goals!

She loves a good conga line.

Demi rang in the new decade at home with her fam and shared this video of herself leading a conga line on her Instagram feed with the caption that simply read: “Happy 2020!!!! 🎉” It’s worth watching all the way to the end to see her sweet free-style skills which show that she dances like nobody’s watching—even when thousands are.

5 Demi gets down to Goldfrapp.

Seeing how happy Demi looks shimmying and shaking it to “Strict Machine” by the legendary British synth-pop duo, Goldfrapp, is all the evidence you need to see that she is a bonafide dancing queen at heart.

6 Demi leaves it all on the dance floor.

The actress posted this rare footage of herself at a party for Harper’s Bazaar in Paris back in February. In it, she takes her Dior ballgown for a spin with its designer Pierpaolo Piccioli. “Dancing the night away with @pppiccioli 💃🏻” is how she captioned the post.

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