Get Summer Body Ready Using These Workouts and Exercises

Summer is coming. And you know what that means. Beach season is here, and that means shirts are optional. If you’ve been putting in your gym work throughout the winter and early spring, you just may be all ready to show off your hard-earned muscle. But if you haven’t, don’t sweat. There’s still time to build your best body ever.

Okay, so there is one little wrench in your hard body plan this year. The coronavirus pandemic and resulting quarantine period has dramatically altered the ways that we engage with fitness, health, and well, everything—so unless you’ve been training at a fully-stocked private home gym, you’ve had to approach your workouts differently over the past few months. And depending on where you live, there might not be too many opportunities to put your gains on display in public anytime soon. For many, though, public places are about to start reopening, just in time for the sun to start heating up.

That’s where this page comes in. Before you dive into the ocean, lake, or pool, dive deep into these workouts, which are optimized to push you toward your best summer body. You’ll find everything you need here, conveniently categorized by muscle group. That means arm workouts for bulging biceps, ab moves that’ll make your six-pack pop, chest moves for beefy pecs, back builders that’ll finish out your V-taper, and leg sessions to deliver major glute gains. Just need a good sweat? We’ve got that covered, too, with a series of full-body routines.

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These workouts will get you where you want to be, pushing you toward your muscle goals in the most efficient ways possible. Some of these sessions use a full gym’s worth of equipment, but, given the circumstances, most are designed to be completed with minimal gear you probably have at home. Need a specific plan to begin with no weights whatsoever? Begin with this 4-week home bodyweight plan first.

And if you’re already in fun-in-the-sun shape, all of these workouts and exercise will push you to another level, etching details onto the muscle you’ve already built.

Enough yapping. Your summer of muscle awaits.

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