A Physique Coach Gives His Treadmill Tips for Getting Shredded

Physique coach Paul Revelia is a huge advocate of walking as a means of fat loss, and in his latest YouTube video, he goes into more detail on how and why he incorporates 20-minute walking windows into his clients’ routines.

“It’s pretty easy to perform, and it’s pretty low stress,” he says. “High intensity cardio can be very difficult, and while it has some great benefits, not everybody can perform it, and if you’re doing any other kind of concurrent training, it can really interfere with that training.”

“Dieting is ultimately all about creating a caloric deficit, and so the reason I love using the incline treadmill is because I think people underestimate how many calories you burn walking,” he continues. “If you increase the speed, and increase the incline of the treadmill, you’re going to increase the number of calories you burn.”

Revelia’s rule of thumb for clients is that the pace and incline they are walking at should not prohibit them from being able to hold a conversation. He generally sets his treadmill at an incline of 3 percent. “You can always adjust this based on your needs, but the goal here would be to be able to walk the whole time without being too stressed out,” he says. “If this is too much of an incline, sometimes machines are different, you can adjust that. And adjusting to a higher incline or speed will increase the calories you burn.”

Another way he maximizes his calorie burn is by introducing interval training in his cardio. “Something I like to do is push myself harder during a workout, and when I start to feel gassed or fatigued, I will back off to a very slow walk, allow myself some recovery, and then push again… Sometimes changing the variable speed can actually allow you to enjoy it a little bit better. It all comes down to what you enjoy.”

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Source: Men’s Health