Here’s What 300 Pushups Every Day Did to This Guy’s Chest

Jose Zuniga, known on YouTube as TeachingMensFashion, took advantage of his time in lockdown and decided to try to build out his chest by doing 300 pushups every single day for a whole month. He clarifies that while he was doing no additional chest work like bench press, due to training at home, he did continue his usual bodyweight workout for the 30 days on top of the 300 daily pushups.

For the duration of the challenge, he eats a 1,200-calorie breakfast, a 500 calorie snack, a 1,000-2,000-calorie lunch, another snack, a 1,000-calorie dinner, and finishes with an 800-calorie shake, putting his caloric intake each day at around 4,950.

To make the strain slightly easier on his chest, Zuniga breaks the 300 reps down into 100 decline pushups in the morning, 100 regular pushups in the afternoon, and 100 incline pushups in the evening.

“Muscle memory starts kicking in,” he says about 10 days into the month-long challenge, “so now the reps are starting to become easier and I can go through them faster.”

Zuniga introduces progressive overload into the 30 days by increasing his range of motion, fully extending his arms on every rep after easing in for the first 10 days. Then he slows the tempo of the reps for the last 10 days of the challenge, creating greater muscle tension and requiring more controlled movements. These reps are so much more physically intensive that Zuniga has to split them up into sets of 10 to complete them.

At the beginning of the month, Zuniga weighed in at approximately 181 pounds. After eating nearly 5,000 calories and performing 300 pushups for 30 days, weighed in at 189 pounds — and is showing visible definition and growth in his chest. “I have pecs!” He says, delighted. “Like, there’s actually something here!”

“This was brutal. It sucked, it was not easy by any means,” he says. “At first I thought, oh, 100 in the morning, 100 in the afternoon, 100 at night, it can’t be that tough. By day 10, your pecs and your shoulders are just so sore from hitting the same movement over and over.”

“I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in a month, and I’ve naturally gained muscle mass through eating well, having the right supplements, and putting in the work every single day,” he continues. “Even though the gyms are closed, you can low-key get a hell of a bodyweight workout, look amazing, put on muscle mass, from the comfort of your home, with zero equipment.”

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