10 Exercise Hacks to Sneak More Fitness Into Your Day

1. Add interval workouts

Maximize your time and burn more calories with burst training. This method combines short bouts of high-intensity interval training exercise with recovery phases, helping you burn fat faster while improving cardiovascular fitness.

2. Explore your own town

Chances are, there are quite a few low-cost fitness activities where you live — and they don’t have to feel like work! Explore local hiking trails. Take a walk in a neighborhood you haven’t spent much time in. Try area pools, or see what fun fitness activities your community center might be hosting.

3. Switch up your commute

The average American spends 38 hours a year commuting to work. (4) So why not make your commute work for you? If you work in a city where you take public transportation to work, consider getting off the train or bus a stop early and walking a few extra minutes — after a few days, you won’t even notice the distance.

Are you lucky enough to live within walking or biking distance to work at least a few days a week? Trade your subway pass for comfy shoes and hit the pavement! In fact, commuting to work, separately from biking during leisure hours, has been linked to a reduction in cardiovascular disease. (5) If driving is inevitable, try parking several blocks away or as far away from the entrance as you can in the parking lot.

4. Have walking meetings

Let’s face it: Meetings can be long, tedious and oftentimes unproductive. Give your team a breath of fresh air — literally — by instituting walking meetings. Take a brisk walk while you have weekly catchups or go over project logistics. You might even find new solutions to old problems; a recent study found that walking while talking can increase creativity by as much as 60 percent. (6)

5. Walk the dog

Instead of delegating walking the family pet to your children, start and end your day by taking Fido on a brisk stroll. Just 20 minutes of walking your dog can burn about 130 calories. (7) Even better? Head to the dog park and toss a ball around, too.

6. Meet friends for workouts

You might be planning on squeezing in a workout, but then a friend you haven’t seen in a while invites you for happy hour. Instead of choosing between a social life and fitness, combine the two. Meet friends for a fitness class or a jog around the neighborhood instead of brunch or drinks. Not only will you get in quality time and a workout, but your wallet will thank you, too!

7. Take the stairs

Firm up your glutes and increase your heart rate throughout the day by nixing elevators and escalators and taking the stairs instead. Whether at the office or the shopping mall, you’ll be surprised by how quickly those extra flights of stairs add up throughout the day.

8. Get moving throughout the day

When most of us are obligated to be at our offices from 9 to 5 (or longer!), we have to make the most of our situations. Instead of writing a coworker an email or picking up the phone, walk to that person’s office and chat face to face. Take a walk at lunchtime instead of eating at your computer. These exercise hacks and their short distances really do add up to quite a few extra steps a week.

9. Keep the car in the garage

Running errands around town? Save on gas and walk or bike ride short distances instead.

10. Do vacations a different way

Stepping out of your daily routine doesn’t mean your workout plan has to fall to pieces. Skip the big-bus city tours and explore a new city by taking a walking tour instead. Seek out hotels with gyms or partnerships with local fitness centers. Or plan a vacation around an activity you’ve been interested in. If you’ve been wanting to run a 10K, sign up for one in a city you’re excited to visit. Have you been wanting to work on your arm balances? Seek out a yoga retreat.

Source: Dr. Axe