7 of the Best Apple Types – Sweet, Popular Apples

Maybe this isn’t a surprise to you, but apples are one of the best fruits you can eat.

They’re high in fiber, have about 100 calories per fruit, and are easy to eat on the go. Plus, they are super versatile, so you can eat them on their own, fresh or dried, or mixed with other foods for a wholesome, satisfying, and delicious meal.

Apples are obviously great on their own but also awesome for dipping into nut butter or yogurt, dicing to top oatmeal, salads or grain bowls, and of course, for baking purposes, like apple pie or homemade apple granola bars.

“Apples aren’t very different in their nutrient composition, though those with darker red skin will provide more anti-inflammatory polyphenols,” says Kelly Jones, M.S., R.D. So, you may want to go with red varieties if you are looking for those heart-healthy antioxidants in particular.

Of course it is fun to experiment with different types of apples to see what you like and try out alternative ways to enjoy an apple’s flavor in your home kitchen. Some have a sweeter flavor, while others are more tart. And some might be crispy and crunchier on the outside, and others softer. The good news is, you can create space for both.

And while there are several kinds of apples to choose, there are a few that are particularly healthy, delicious, and unique in their flavor and texture profile, so they’re your best options when you’re shopping for apples to use in your meals and snacks at home.

Here are the seven best apples to eat, as well as some tips for using them when meal prepping to really utilize their amazing qualities and get those nutritious benefits. This content is imported from {embed-name}.


“These apples are a miniature variety, perfect for when you want to add sweetness to a snack or salad, but are looking for a smaller portion,” says Jones.

They have a crisp texture and sweet flavor, and if you haven’t noticed them yet, it’s because they are sold packaged versus standalone at the grocery store. “Another benefit of the Rockit is that you can enjoy it down to the core,” she adds.


These are a common favorite due to their light, crisp texture and juiciness from each bite, plus a moderately sweet flavor.

“This makes them perfect for snacking, but their texture is also known for holding up well when baking,” says Jones.


These apples are not used as often, but they are delicious and balanced, as they have a sweet and tart taste. “Some say they also taste hints of cinnamon in a braeburn,” says Natalie Rizzo, M.S., R.D. This type of apple holds up well to heat, so you can use it in desserts or roast them alongside vegetables in the oven.

Granny Smith

These apples have a balanced tart flavor and are one of the least sweet varieties. They also offer some of the best storage potential, lasting up to one year after harvest.

“Their green skin may mean less polyphenols, but they make up for it with another group of phytochemical antioxidants calls phenolic acids, which act in ways similar to polyphenols,” Jones adds.

“They pair nicely with nut and cheese and make a nice accompaniment to a salad,” says Rizzo.

Pink Lady

These apples are more tart than many other varieties, but still offer enough sweetness to satisfy a craving. “Their skin is a bit thicker than honeycrisp, but the flesh is still very crisp and great for baking,” says Jones.

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Source: Menshealth