Uses for Cornstarch That May Surprise You

Good For Cooking – And Much More

Chances are you reach for your box of cornstarch when you want to thicken sauces and puddings or coat meat for a stir-fry. But this starch, milled from corn, has dozens of uses beyond the kitchen. It’s a staple in industries that make paper, adhesives, and coatings. Scientists are even turning it into products for pest control. But you don’t have to ace Chem 101 to put cornstarch to work for you.

Take the Sizzle out of Sunburn

Dab sunburned spots with a light paste made of cornstarch and water. Then, after a cool soak in a lukewarm tub, sprinkle cornstarch between your sheets before you get into bed. Its silky texture cuts down on friction between your scorched skin and the fabric.

Whip Up a Vegan Swap for Eggs

Back in the kitchen, a mix of cornstarch and water can replace an egg in many baked items. The ratio varies between recipes, but on average, 1 tablespoon of cornstarch to 3 tablespoons of water matches the liquid content of an egg. Always dissolve the cornstarch in the water before you add it to other ingredients to avoid any lumps.

De-Sting Bug Bites

Go old-school and make a poultice — a thick paste that can ease the pain. Mix about 3 tablespoons of cornstarch with 1 tablespoon of cold water, and gently smear it over the spot. Let it dry. You can even leave it on overnight to work its magic.

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Source: Webmd