Best Prostate Supplements That Work

An enlargement of the prostate is part of the aging process for males. The problem with an enlarged prostate is the changes that come with it. From trouble with emptying your bowels to frequently needing to urinate, you will see changes the older you get.

Thankfully, science has come up with a way to help in the form of supplements. Prostate supplements combine herbal extracts, plants, vitamins, and minerals. This mixture will help you avoid the symptoms.

Just as most things, supplements are also ranked. Come with us as we take you on a journey from the best to the not-so-favorite supplements so you can make an informed decision about which supplement would be the best suited for you.

What is the Prostate?

Before getting into how we need to take care of our prostate, we first need to understand what the prostate is and its function.

The prostate is a gland located in front of the rectum and below the bladder. What would be considered a healthy prostate would be the size of a walnut.

The prostate gland plays a vital role in the reproductive system as it helps produce semen. The fluid found in semen helps carry the sperm from your testicles. This process happens during the process of ejaculation.

The prostate gland has another function that assists you during urination. The prostate gland being below the bladder surrounds part of the urethra. This is the tube area that carries urine in your penis. The larger the prostate gets, the more difficult it will be to urinate due to pressure on your urinary tract. This could be due to BHP, infection, or other reasons.

What is BPH?

BPH, medically known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, enlarges the prostate gland. BPH is one of the common prostate gland problems faced by men today.

However, various treatments are available for BHP, including surgery, lifestyle changes, and medication.

Statistics show that eight out of ten men develop BHP at some stage in their lives. It also showed that 90% of men over 85 have BPH. This just goes to show how common BPH can be.

What Are the Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate?

You may be asking how you would know if you had BHP. Although BPH may be benign, it is imperative that you see a doctor as BPH may lead to kidney and or bladder failure.

Symptoms of a BPH include the following:

  • The need to constantly urinate during the night one or more times
  • Failure to urinate and empty the bladder
  • Stopping and starting during urination multiple times
  • Having a weak flow during urination
  • The instant urge to urinate without warning
  • Struggling to urinate

Treating Prostate Problems- Doctors

It’s important to know that doctors work according to your body and consider multiple things before giving you a form of treatment. These may include age, comfort, and other factors. These factors affect the treatment plan.

Yearly Check-ups and Constant Monitoring

This method of treatment applies to those who are not bothered by BPH. This means you may have it, but symptoms are at a minimum. They may want to implement the ‘wait-and-see’ approach. This means you will have to wait out the signs and constantly monitor your progress. It’s important to know that BPH isn’t life-threatening with most men who have it.

Changes in Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes can be made to help with BPH. Many doctors may recommend this form of treatment and ask you to limit alcohol and caffeine consumption. You may also need to reduce drinking water before going to bed. These are minimal changes that can improve the situation.


This is also another common form of treatment. Alpha-blockers and 5-ARIs (5-alpha reductase inhibitors) are recommended. Many men tend to take the two together to help with prostate health in many ways.


If you cannot find an alternative treatment or some non-surgical treatments have not worked for you, the doctor may recommend that you get surgery to help the situation.


Different forms of BPH can be treated with antibiotics. A few prostate problems may be caused by prostatitis. Doctors constantly need to check the firmness and size of your prostate to ensure that you have not developed any lumps. Doctors could also ask you to take a prostate-specific antigen test. This will look into your blood to ensure you have a specific protein called PSA, produced by your prostate cells. You could also be asked to take a prostate biopsy.

How We Ranked The Top Prostate Supplements

The problem with many of these supplements is that they contain very similar ingredients, and they all take a big stand when it comes to their product being the best. So how did we separate the best from the worst? We used our ranking methodology, which you will get to look at.

Ingredients backed by Science

Certain ingredients found in supplements may prove to work as they have been tested in double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials. Some elements may also have limited evidence to prove their claims; however, we want science-backed ingredients supporting prostate health.

Clinically Effective Dosages

The problem with formulators is that they may have the right ingredients but the wrong dosages. The improper dosage may mean that the supplement may not work. This is why we prefer that prostate supplements have and will continue to use clinically effective dosages. The correct dosage with the right ingredients is the key.

What Supplement Brands Have to Say About Themselves

There are specific regulations put in place by the FDA. Prostate supplement brands cannot say that they can cure prostate cancer, have overnight shrink results, or even cure or prevent the enlargement. Many prostate supplement brands try their best to imply these, while we prefer brands that are honest about their results and what they do.

The Cost of Prostate Supplements

This may seem like we ranked supplements according to the most expensive to the least costly, but this is far from the truth. We just wanted to ensure that you get the actual value for your money and are not being taken for a ride. Many consumers believe that the more expensive a product, the better the quality and the better it works; however, this isn’t correct.

The Money-back or Satisfaction Guarantee

The truth about medication is that it doesn’t have the same effect on our bodies. What may work for you may not work for me, and this is why we appreciate brands that have satisfaction or a money-back guarantee. We appreciate all their efforts, whether their guarantee is 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or even 180 days. This is why we placed supplements with these guarantees higher than those without them.

The truth about supplements is that not all of them were formulated by specialists. A marketing team developed some with the primary goal of making money from your pocket. So who would you rather trust? The doctors or the marketing team? It’s essential to know the origins of a product, especially if you will ingest that product. This is why we’d go with the professionals.

The Top 12 Prostate Supplements

We all want to believe that every prostate supplement will work for us; however, the truth is not every prostate supplement on the market will work for you. In the list below, we take a look at the best prostate supplements available on the market:

  • ProstateMD
  • Prostate 911
  • Nuzena Prostate Support +
  • VitalFlow
  • PX7 PrimalFlow
  • Prostate Plus
  • VigRX Prostate Support
  • Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men
  • ProstaStream
  • ProSam
  • ProstaMend
  • Super Beta Prostate


image 8

ProstateMD was formulated by Dr. Daniel Brison, who is a 1MD doctor. He recommends and stands by the product due to its ability to support overall prostate health.

There are many ingredients in the formulation. However, there is a substantial amount of saw palmetto. Other components include zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, plant sterols, lutein, and a few other minerals and antioxidants.

A man taking ProstateMD often can promote their overall prostate health. They can also support their urinary tract function, prostate cell function and also help maintain a urination schedule, among other things.

ProstateMD, in comparison to other prostate supplements, is reasonably priced. You can purchase a bottle of the supplement at $43. Compared to other supplements listed, you are getting value for your money.

Prostate 911

image 6

Phytage Labs made Prostate 911, and they claim to aid extensively in the fight against prostate problems. Just by taking two capsules of prostate-fighting supplements daily, you could avoid an array of things such as the need to urinate constantly, mid-night toilet sessions, the pain experienced when ejaculating, and the dribbling of urine, among many other symptoms.

The capsules are made of fully-natural ingredients. You can find the likes of nettle root, uva ursi, pumpkin seed, and pygeum, among many other natural ingredients, inside a capsule. Together, these ingredients improve prostate health, urinary health, and other benefits.

A proprietary blend is used, making it hard to identify specific ingredients in the capsules like juniper berry powder and quercetin. To make up for this, the company lists the dosages of other ingredients like plant sterol complex, saw palmetto berries, and green tea extract, among the many different ingredients used. Prostate 911 retails for $70.

Nuzena Prostate Support +

image 2

Nuzena Prostate Support + uses multiple ingredients to create its blend. Their supplements were formulated by professionals so that they could support prostate health. Its combination of ingredients tackles many things which help with prostate health.

With this supplement, daily men can drastically reduce bladder discomfort, maintain and get a healthy urine flow, and enjoy natural prostate support, among the many benefits of this supplement.

The supplement contains saw palmetto extract, vitamins, and minerals that help you achieve the mentioned benefits.

Nuzena Prostate Support +is different from its normally costly competitors. Nuzena comes in at a mild $23, and compared to that $70, it seems like you get value for your money for a product that may do the same as other premium brands.

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