Weight Loss Tips After Pregnancy

When it comes to postpartum weight loss, healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand. Exercise can help increase your metabolism (that is, how many calories your body burns while resting) and promote weight loss after pregnancy.

Of course, you should wait until your gynecologist allows you to do postpartum exercise, which usually occurs six to eight weeks after delivery, but may take longer depending on your individual circumstances (for example, if you delivered by C-section).

The most important secret to losing weight after giving birth? Set realistic goals and be patient with yourself and your postpartum weight loss plan. It takes more than nine months for your baby to grow, so your body needs time to recover, lose weight after pregnancy, and return to its new normal.

“There’s no benefit to losing weight too quickly, either physically or emotionally,” says Flynn. “It’s more about staying healthy and enjoying your first year with your baby. Go for a walk, make an exercise video, and move on. There’s no set schedule.”.

Cynthia Flynn, MD, a Florida-based ob-gyn.

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