Hugh Jackman Shared the Moment He Got His Vaccine Booster Shot

Hugh Jackman is best known for playing Wolverine, a superhero whose mutant abilities mean he is impervious to harm and can heal from any injury immediately. In real life, however, Jackman is taking every precaution to look after his health and wellbeing. In a recent Instagram post, the 53-year-old actor captured the moment when he received his third “booster shot” of the Covid vaccine.

These additional doses of the vaccine are being recommended as a public health measure to help prevent the spread of the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus, and pharma company Pfizer have reported that booster shots increase an individual’s antibodies, subsequently increasing their immunity.

“With a third booster shot, it’s going to make your immune system generate antibodies that specifically target these areas of mutation,” said pulmonary medicine specialist Dr. Mike Hansen. “Not only that, but with the current vaccines that we have, they’re generating antibodies that only attack part of the spike protein, and not the entire spike protein, but with a third booster shot, it’s going to help attack the entire spike protein.”

The topic of vaccines has become a divisive one among many public figures. Some, like actor Mark Ruffalo and singer Olivia Rodrigo, have used their platforms to encourage people to get vaccinated. Comedian Chris Rock has also urged people to get vaccinated after he tested positive for Covid, telling his fans: “Trust me, you don’t want this.” Elsewhere, other celebrities, including NFL athlete Aaron Rodgers and podcaster Joe Rogan, have faced criticism for advocating “anti-vaxxer” views and recommending alternative treatments which the medical community have disavowed.

Jackman himself made no statement either way in his Instagram post, simply stating that he was “boosted” and thanking the healthcare worker who administered the shot.

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Source: menshealth