The 5 Best Period Tracking Apps

Periods usually arrive once each month, but the exact date, flow, cramp severity, and accompanying symptoms are not quite that consistent. For this very reason, the app market is flooded with period trackers that aim to offer insight into your monthly cycle.Period tracking apps can help you to learn more about your cycle and plan for future periods.

Bleeding occurs every 28 days for the majority of women, but it is common for the menstrual cycle to be either shorter or longer in duration and for bleeding to start anywhere from day 21 to day 40.

Period length may also vary and last for 3–8 days, with an average of 5 days. Bleeding is often heaviest on days 1 and 2 and starts to become lighter thereafter.

Tracking your period can be useful for several reasons. Period tracking can help you to get to know your own body and cycle and observe any symptoms — such as mood swings or headaches — that may occur during a particular phase of your cycle.

Period tracking can help to identify any changes to your menstrual cycle that may be an indicator of potential health issues. Furthermore, using period tracking apps can tell you when you are likely to be most fertile if you are avoiding pregnancy or trying to become pregnant.

There are hundreds of apps that track and analyze the menstrual cycle, so how do you know which one is the best fit for you?

Medical News Today have tried and tested apps galore to bring you a selection of the top 10 apps to start tracking your period today.

Period Calendar

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Period Calendar can help to track and predict your period, plus provide information on your fertile window and potential ovulation date.

In addition to the basic menstrual cycle tracking function, the app can be used to record temperature, intercourse, birth control, weight, cervical mucus, mood, and any other symptoms.

The pill reminder ensures that you will never forget a dose ever again. Whether you need to remember to take medications, supplements, birth control pills, or even an injection, the pill tracker can be set up to remind you.

Flo Period Tracker

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

If you are wondering when you last had a period or would like to know when your next one is due, you can easily find out using Flo. Flo uses machine learning to accurately and reliably predict menstruation and ovulation.

Using the app’s bold and simple calendar, you will be able to log how you are feeling, your symptoms, sex drive, and menstruation flow. The app can also be used to track sleep, water consumption, and physical activity.

The Insights dashboard helps you to learn more about your body and cycle, and it also provides personalized health insights each day.


Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Clue has been ranked as the top period and ovulation tracking app by the Obstetrics & Gynecology journal, which is a publication of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Clue uses science to help its users to identify unique patterns in their menstrual cycle. With the app’s period tracker, multiple mood trackers, health logs, and exercise trackers, your health and menstrual cycle will no longer be a mystery.

The developers promise to be inclusive of all ages and never use butterflies, flowers, euphemisms, or pink. The app’s unique algorithm learns from the data that you add, which means that the more you use Clue, the smarter it will become.

My Calendar

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

My Calendar is a sophisticated, elegant, and very customizable period tracker. It can help those with irregular cycles as well as people who have worries about conceiving, birth control, and contraception.

With My Calendar, you can track regular and irregular periods, temperature, weight, moods, symptoms, and blood flow. With its discreet reminders, you can be prepared for approaching periods along with ovulation and fertile days.

You can access all your essential information using the health tracker at a glance, and the calendar can be password-protected to ensure that your information remains private.


Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Glow can track your period and record your symptoms, mood, sexual activity, and medications. Glow’s data-driven menstrual and ovulation calculator helps women to take control of their reproductive health.

The app can forecast periods and ovulation and its predictions become smarter over time. Not only can the app help women who are avoiding or attempting pregnancy, but it also helps those who are undergoing fertility treatments such as intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization.

You can make charts of your menstrual and fertility data, set medication, birth control, and ovulation reminders, as well as log more than 40 different health signals. Glow also offers a subscription to unlock comparative insights, premium articles, private messaging, and premium support.

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Source: Medicalnewstoday