Ways to Get Your Children to Play More Outside

Are you looking for ways to get your children to play more outside and away from their screens? It can be difficult to get them away from the TV, tablets, and video games, but there are some simple methods that can help you convince your children to spend more time in nature.

1. Set an example: Children learn by example, so it’s important to lead by example when it comes to spending time outdoors. If you’re always inside on the computer or playing video games, chances are your children will follow suit. So, make sure to set a good example by getting outside with your kids and showing them that it can be fun.

2. Get creative: Think of outdoor activities that your children will enjoy. Take them to a nearby park or playground, go for a nature walk, or play outdoor games like tag or hide-and-seek. If you’re able to, invest in outdoor play equipment like swings and slides that your children can use in the backyard.

3. Make it a habit: The more your children get used to spending time outside, the more likely they are to make it a habit. Make a regular schedule that includes outdoor activities and stick to it. If they know they have something to look forward to, they’ll be more likely to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

4. Make it fun: Outdoor play should be fun for your children. Give them freedom to explore nature and be creative. Let them build a fort out of sticks or create a game of their own. The more fun they have, the more likely they are to come back for more.

5. Reward them: Rewards are a great way to motivate children to do something, so consider offering a reward for playing outside. This could be something small like a special treat, or an outing to a nearby amusement park.

Getting children to play outside can be challenging, but by following these tips, you can encourage them to get out and enjoy nature. Just remember to keep it fun and be a good role model and your children will soon be spending plenty of time outside.

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